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28 Replies to “What’s Wrong with The Ketogenic Diet.”

  1. I scrolled down a bit before commenting. Took some baby steps in the Keto direction just before Christmas Eve and yesterday…when I was bad. Now, I am ready to get on the 'fat boy' program. One thing is clear. It is popular to have flame wars over food choices. I would be the last person to try to prop up GMO/factory corporate farming. We have been too far from our food production and food sources for a very long time. Better living through chemistry(?) and TV dinners are a bane to healthy living. I also agree with Yourofsky who argues that you cannot blithely argue that you are a carnivore unless you chase down that rabbit or squirrel and catch it in your mouth AND consume the entire thing. That does not mean that I am vegan. Just that I see that he has a point. So peace to the animal rights advocates and hopes for better health for everyone.

  2. Ketogenic diet has many adverse effects , it was developed to treat certain medical conditions – not to adopt it for long term use .
    Also , ketogenic eating was created from the diet of native Eskimos and Inuit ppl who consume fats and protein RAW .
    Oxidized lipids and coagulated protein ( from cooking ) are not health giving nutrients but cancer causing inflammatory agents .

  3. please provide evidence how sugar is bad? eating too much of anything is bad for you and its all about calories in vs calories out if you are trying to lose weight oh lets not forget your body doesnt need insulin at ALL to still store fat so stop spreading shitty imformation on keto diets and carbs etc etc im sick of ignorant people like you that do no research on things yes keto diet has its health benefits expecially for people with cancer etc but its not a diet that you have to look for its a balanced life style i eat over 100g of sugars and over 400g of carbs a day 100g of fats and 250g of protein i do regular blood work done at least 4 times a year and i am as healthy as i can be so explain that then

  4. very cool video.  Do you have any testimonials of people you have helped get through PCOS or Endometriosis with this diet?  I have several friends who suffer from either of those issues.  I'd definitely send them your way.

  5. QUESTION! I just had a super thorough blood test done and EVERYTHING was perfect EXCEPT I have elevated cholesterol now! I know it was normal (90 I believe) 12 months ago and now 110…. thoughts!?!!! I am I maybe doing something wrong?? OR is that an acceptable number for Keto eating?

  6. my name is Jennifer Bentley I have been watching your channel for some time I recently had my gallbladder removed I hate that it is removed but it is and I want to know about doing keto without a gallbladder

  7. Love the channel , I've been eating keto for 7 weeks and 5 days . It's amazing, stared at 322 lbs . Now I'm at 301 . Long way to go but it's working and the best part I feel awesome again . I have hope and want the journey . I watch your channel often , thank you so much for keeping us informed . This may save my life from disease and early death . I'm 42 with a family , I can't say enough about my energy level soaring most days . Keto rules !!!!!!!

  8. I'm trying to lose about 20-30 pounds and starting keto. Took my first test strip and it was negative, I know the Bayer brand is good so I'm sure it was accurate. How long does it take until I go into ketosis?

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