Understanding weight gain on a ketogenic diet. How to fix your metabolic damage!



  1. Hi, great video, I'm new subscriber and also a new to keto, actually it's my first day today….. I ate chicken, eggs, cheese, some fish soup with greens…. Still need to learn proportions… And many others things ….. I also take supplements as in vitamin c, b and chlorella ….. Day past … Good but now I feel this acidity feeling in my mouth and burning in stomach …. Why do you think is that? Thank you

  2. awesome video. thank you so much for posting. I made the change to LCHF April 30th and I have not lost a pound. I thought something was wrong with me. I like your video because you touched on some of the stuff I had been going through (wanting to lose 20lbs and major fatigue 3-5PM) Today is the first day I went to work awake and drove home realizing I didn't want to fall asleep. Got my meter today so I can start testing my blood (keto strips come in on Wednesday). SO HAPPY TO KNOW I AM NOT GOING CRAZY. -jennifer

  3. Hey Steph, do you know Arnita Champion? She is on youtube. She is 50 years old and a fitness model. She definitely has the "Business"!! She is a Pescatarian/Vegetarian. How is she able to look the way she does and eat the way she does?? I'm still eating keto and will never go back, just wondering how she's able to do it?

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