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20 Replies to “Why you FEEL AWFUL (in the beginning) on a KETOGENIC DIET – ELECTROLYTES are key for KETO”

  1. Great videos. I need to watch more of you videos. The way of eating is going to be tough for me because I am a vegan and on top of that I am a picky eater. For example, I hate beans. I wish I loved them. It's a texture thing for me. I have always had a low energy problem and I have been searching for the right thing for me. I need some variety in my meals. Being vegan makes it even more difficult for me. If you have any advice for me I would really appreciate it.

  2. Thank you!!! I will try No Salt. Everyone tells me to increase my salt intake, but my body can't handle high sodium. My eyes will become red and sore, when I wake up in the morning. Thank you! Thank you!!!

  3. Going back to the topic of magnesium supplements…SHIT! That's exactly what I did. Just grabbed a bottle of magnesium caplets 250mg from the local drug store that contains magnesium oxide, malate, glycerophosphate. No wonder I've been bathroom bound. Not happy…

  4. Wow, you are teeming with tons of information. Great speaker and quality vids. Very underrated channel.. subbed and near finished my first day on keto. Will update on progress!

    Avid intermittent faster/warrior diet fan so used to low blood sugar like you said but I have had issues with binging on carbs as any type can be a trigger for me. Even oatmeal and fruit can lead to heavy binges. Crazy man but I hope Keto will help change this as I am determined to break the cycle for good this time.

  5. i am just beginning to experiment with eating high fat, low carb as an ostrovegan (ive been fully plant based for three years and am now incorporating mussels once or twice a week) and your videos are so interesting and informative to me!
    you are such a joy to watch, i love your speaking style and the videos with you and your lovely family are so inspiring! thank you for your content, you have become one of my favorite channels recently!

  6. Hey Tristan! I have only been doing the keto thing for about a week now. I can tell you that I've lost about 6-10 lbs just going by my crappy scale here at home. I've been using the normal urine strips to monitor my ketones and just yesterday they finally started to show elevated levels. I'm confused though because I have had no, nada, ZERO, symptons of the ketoflu. I was fully expecting to feel like crap when starting out but that has not happened to me at all. I've been eating better, (very low carbs if not 0 carbs on some days), and walking in the evenings. I'm feeling great and my first impressions is that this is something I can easily maintain long term. I'm 5-10 and currently about 250. We'll see! Keep up the great, and inspiring, videos!

  7. Hi, I really like your channel. Could you explain to me in layman terms why your body won't store all the fats you consume instead of using it for energy? Having some difficulty wrapping my head around that concept. Do you still need to eat at a caloric deficit in order for this to work? Thanks man!

  8. I have a Question: I have been reading about that least 75% of your diet needs to consist of fat calories. Maybe its not healthy to completely restrict your calories, but you will lose weight for sure by restricting, but will restricting my calories (still keeping with the majority of my calories from fat) keep me losing weight and get ripped like the Keto diet can do? Im so close to being at my permanent weight loss goal.

  9. how to get all electrolytes and fats in a meal for breakfast – one of my breakfasts ( when I eat it). So, guacamole or couple od avocados with some celery sticks and my cacao drink (hot water, cacao powder, butter and coconat oil, well shaked..)

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