Get your will power back and stop using sugar as fuel. Become fat adapted and notice the 5 signs that shows you are tapping into your own fat supply for fuel. Find my recipe book on Amazon, “KETOGENIC COMFORT FOOD RECIPES FOR DIABETES”, the Kindle Edition. Thanks!


45 Replies to “5 Signs that you are fat adapted on the ketogenic diet”

  1. I enter food into the software app to monitor my macros BEFORE I eat it. So when the program tells me I'm at the right ratios, calorie+carb+protein maximums…..I just accept it. No problem. I don't cheat. Meeting my goals is more important and makes my day. Being retired from accounting plays into my love of numbers and "balancing the books". LOL

  2. Hi thank you for your video, I am pre-diabetic and started keto a monTh ago. In the morning I am fine but around 2-3pm my body starts craving carbs. I usually eat a fat bonobo or raspberry or pecans. However, it make me want the low carb desserts I have made. WhaT should I eat then?

  3. I eat keto for a longer time now. I do sporty 4x per week and i do also IF like brunch around 11-12 am and then dinner around 18-1900 hours. I can only eat as about 1600-1700 cal a day. i'm soooo stuffed. But i do lose no weight anymore?  I'm 5foot 7.5 and weigh around 170 pounds. I'm so adapted to this lifestyla that when i eat 3x a day i do not feel good!!!!

  4. I'm not doing the keto diet but something close to it; A diet that I had to devise based on how my body reacted to different foods. I also have to dry fast every other day because I'm so toxic. The other day I made 2 large eggs, my microwave bread, that I then toast, and 4 small breakfast sausage links. I had to throw away 1/4 of the eggs and toast and put away 2 of the links because I was simply full. It was a pleasant surprise.

  5. Being keto adapted reminds me of when I quit smoking years ago. I feel "free", and am able to think of any and everything else except food (or smoking). I love intermittent fasting and that I don't have to plan, prepare, lug around 5-6 meals a day like I was instructed to in previous diets!! I love everything about this way of living!

  6. Sign #1 & 4 is the most EPIC thing in the world. It's magical! Nothing. I mean nothing has ever worked EXCEPT this! Love love love this feeling 🙂 for example: I walked passed my favorite pizzeria in the world AND on an empty stomach and nothing. Not even phased one bit. KEY-tosis is what I call it.

  7. It didn't take me long to have these.  =)   I used to obsess about meals, and crave sugar, and I snacked too much.  Now I skip breakfast regularly, only eat when I'm hungry, snack less, never crave carbs, and eat lots less.  My mood is regular, my blood sugar is regular (but I've never been diabetic), and I really don't think too hard about food anymore.  I absolutely love it!  =)   I really like your channel.

  8. Hi I do this eating habit since 1 year now. I've had realy hunger attacks before I did this so that I was starving every 3 hours and always very bloated. Now I've stopped eating bread and pasta and rice and so on And i'm in Keto. I feel great!!!!! My family thinks I deprive myself of (good) things. But I don't like the tast nomore.

  9. Yeah, that last one – you have emotional stability since your blood sugar is not going up and down all the time – that's a big benefit, not just for you but also for your partner :-). The emergence of self-control affects so many other areas of your life. You stop being victim to various exogenic impulses and compulsions. You become the "captain of your own ship".

  10. lol yea its so true about being completely unaffected by all the sugary/carb items often placed strategically around the supermarket. You see all this stuff in a totally different light and looking at them no longer creates a physical or emotional reaction.

  11. The greatest benefit (understated) is the return of will power. Being full of satiating fat means that you no longer crave sugar and can pass it all up. Great video, please keep them coming. Keto is changing my life.

  12. Wow, this is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing this! I've because fat adapted and now my wife is looking into this too. Can't wait to share your video with her!

  13. While doing another program that counts points for 3 years, I was always thinking about food, the next meal, the next treat, the next and next. It was horrible and made me feel horrible both physically and mentally about myself. What is wrong with me? But now, I can go hours and food is not my priority anymore. Thank you so much for making your videos. They are a huge help to me and countless others!! ((Hugs)) to you!!

  14. Wow. I'm on day 7 and have all these signs. Is it possible I am fat adapted already? I started out gradually over the last few months but went for it a week ago and I have never felt better. Blessings to you and thanks for these videos.

  15. I was "lowish-carb paleo" for a month to "stabolize"…..gradually reducing carbs towards going keto. I find I don't think about food and I can go long stretches without eating…..and I don't crave carbs like I did. The only thing is I really need something at breakfast…I've been doing green low-carb smoothies for breakfast with lots of good keto ingredients around 6:45 am…..and that keeps me going until lunch/afternoon. If I miss this and do "fatty coffee"…..I get hungry and start thinking about food.

  16. 1.  When food is no longer on your mind all the time.2.  When you skip a meal and you're not hungry.3.  You stop eating when you're full.4.  When you food shop you can resist sugary snacks.5.  Willpower to make right dietary decisions.

  17. Formerly sugar craver here. I'm in week two of keto diet and start to feel all the benefits of it. The craving is gone but I still get tired after meals and have low energy. But this is no comparison to the keto flu symptoms I experienced through the first week. A few times I thought I have to skip this or I end up in hospital. Don't give up, people!!! This is the diet we are naturally made for. All the shitty symptoms of a half dead body will disappear once you're adapted.

  18. Im able to wait before eating, but I still get hungry. When Im hungry, I don't get shaky and that "I need to eat NOW" feeling. I do think about food though. I just don't crave food like I used to. I have zero desire to eat sugar. I almost have an aversion to it now.

  19. Yesterday I pottered around the house and then picked up my sons from school. I didn't eat all day until 3 pm and I said to my sons that I wasn't shaking with hunger. I just relaxed and then had a small amount to eat. I expected to want more but I didn't!

  20. What a lovely person you are! I started Keto two weeks ago, and I was laughing because E V E R Y T H I N G you´ve sad is simple true! I did the same with my lunch at first, and now I do not think about what I am going to eat next! thanks for sharing! :)

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