I have been having trouble with cravings and hunger while fasting. My research has led me to the path of Ketosis and the devastating effect of sugar and carbs. I have been unable to find science based articles on the effects of Keto adaptation combined with Intermittent fasting. So I have challenged myself to spend 6 weeks on a ketogenic diet, while testing a variety of intermittent Fasting Protocols. I will keep a food diary, document my weightloss, experiment with artificial sweeteners. Will I succeed? Will I fail? Will I ever eat a pop tart again? Like, Subscribe, and share to find out.


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  1. There is a big difference between sugar and carbs in general like starch. Sugar is 50% fructose and that is the problem. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver, whereas glucose can metabolized by every cell in your entire body. So the high quantities of fructose quickly overloads the liver, and that's why it quickly becomes insulin resistant, and spits out triglycerides. When people consume 40 g of sugar in a single can of coke, they are eating twice the sugar in their entire blood stream, and that's about the worst thing you can consume. Eat a bit of sugar, and you'll crave it like crazy. So even when you carb up, it's way better to ditch the sugar, and stick to bread and potatoes. That starch is just glucose but no fructose. I've also found from myself that artificial sweeteners also makes you fat, and I've found from reading the literature that it is because it alters your gut microbiota which in turn alter your metabolism and make you crave the worst foods, and also make you insulin resistant. It may be that with every insulin rise, those bacteria make the rise higher. But artificial sweeteners in general are bad news.

  2. Im 8weeks on keto. I don't crave carbs at all. lost 28 lbs. if my minerals goes down I feel like shit. been using mineral supplements and that helps. also take bentonite clay. I used to be given ,2 donuts every day and I ate them.no more though. I love keto. its a great fit for me. aldi has liquid stevia for $1.68.btw. love your "fuckin" videos. Also keto pee strips suck very inaccurate.

  3. i think ur so real n funny u make my day just started intermittent fast n ketos i luv watching u people can take this u tube way on another where that get far off on other things then wat they started talking bout keep up the gd wk luv ya……..

  4. Yep, can comfirm that! No cravings at all.
    You have moments where you think "ah, I could eat some Ben & Jerry's" or shit but it's rare.
    I do eat carbs once per week, on Saturdays, but also not every Saturday if I don't feel like it, which I do most of the time.
    The main thing in that case is the social pressure – eating breakfast on Saturdays together with my wife and son and going out etc.

    Of course I still like carbs. But before I started with Keto I was like really addicted to noodles. I as well needed "a fix of noodles" almost every day. Now I didn't eat any in months and also can't really imagine eating some right now.
    As time passes your whole thinking starts to change and your cravings change.

    I've done that for a couple of months now (and already did 2 years ago). What I personally discovered is that you don't really have to count calories. But only if you want to maintain your weight that is. It really is true that it's hard to put on fat with eating craploads of fat.
    But if you wanna lose weight you still have to cut.

    Most of the days I am between 20-40 gramms of carbs in total, of these about 10-20 gramms net carbs.

    And yes, it's hard to overeat. Well you can of course if you are eating like 250 gramms of butter or so but since your leptin really starts to be noticed from your body again and you don't have to rely on that "full stomach feeling" you really know when you are satisfied and just stop eating. Which makes fasting really easy!
    No real hunger, I'd almost say like never. But of course only if you are sitting on your fat ass all the time. Doing sports makes you still hungry of course. But you never have the feeling like you HAVE TO eat it's more like "mh, I could eat but I can also wait until later or tomorrow".
    Most times I am eating is because I know that I need my proteins and out of bordem.

    I need to add something (wasn't through the whole video) – It's not entirely true that you are crashing out of ketosis as soon as your insulin is spiked or you eat carbs. Only in the beginning. After some weeks (you can accelerate the process with strengh training) your body will be adapted and can really just switch between glucose and ketones. After days I ate carbs I was in ketosis the next day again, latest the day after that. I even was in ketosis when my glycogen tanks haven't been drained.
    Well, insulin does drop you out of ketosis but only if carbs are available. As a matter of fact while you are doing heavy resistance training your insulin in your blood is spiked. I don't the science but I guess because there normally should be gluycogen released from your muscles or so.

  5. "My name is ___ and I am a carb addict " LOL!Absolutely!! I luv your raw honesty. You are so right!! Will power begins when you shop for food! I still have cravings for Ice cream. When the craving hits I'm too lazy to run to the grocery store. Although it's painful, I'm learning to not become a slave to my cravings for carbs. Sometimes I just eat an orange to kill the sugar craving and it works most of the time.

  6. The problem with salt that you adress around 12.40 could be avoided if you just add some salt to a longer fast. I usually take a teaspoon of salt and down it with a glass of water once or twice a day when I'm fasting :)

  7. If your body stores 2000 calories in carbs and if you have daily 400 carb calories which l believe is 100 grams
    wouldn't you go into a fat burning mode after you consumed your daily carb in take. Eventually wouldn't the carb tank shrink down to only having the 400 carb calories that's being burned up maybe halfway through the day.
    That's if you follow say a 1800 total calorie intake.
    So half your day is fat (ketosis?) burning??
    Isn't all fat burning ketosis ?

  8. God bless you, Scott. This will be a valuable experiment. I hope you’re wrong, because, as you say, if you want to stay in ketosis you can’t miss a fucking beat, carb-wise, or you’re out for two or three days, and I can't stand the thought of never eating chips (British for fries). I hope that Dion Almaer, a geek who lost 100 lbs in a year, is the way to go. He cut the shit out of his diet, and focused on protein and fried vegetables. It was a cutting-down rather than a cutting-out of carbs. By not eating processed-anything. And I don't think he approached ketosis, because he eats quinoa, etc.This guy also found himself fasting spontaneously, along 16/8 lines. Here are the links for anyone who’s interested. (Two links leading to slightly, but significantly, different articles.)



  9. Hi I am diabetic and also a vegetarian (though I eat eggs). how can I incorporate ketogenic diet?? I am currently doing IF (1st week). My sugar levels are not really coming down as I definitely have surplus glucose and also eat mostly carbs when eating (also suffer from Proteinuria) which makes it difficult for me to loose weight and reduce my sugar.

  10. LOL 8:38 ….great you quit soda….was my only way to cure my severe gout…and I still drink booze like a fish on weekends.

    Scott,I have jumped from low carb to recently vegan style eating and can only say that I craved everything I cut out of my diet.If vegan style I started craving meats after a week and this just got stronger and stronger.LC on the other hand and pasta is my weakness.Thinking maybe the SAD diet was the way for me I did that and found I started feeling unhealthy with chest pains,which diminish with LC or HC.I do believe that you should choose one energy source and stick with it for healths sake.

    Now I must add that in past I tried a diet where I was eating meat based one day and then carb based the next and felt amazing.After a carb day I wake up on meat day and feel amazing until late in the day where I start struggling with carb cravings and lethargy.Wake up for carb day and feel bad all day as I carb up LOL.truthfully some day I do feel well on carb days but mostly its bloated mess with blood sugar issues.But then its back to feeling amazing on LC day for most of the day.Would love to see you give this a try.;)

  11. Another BBC show featuring Michael Mosley (Mr 5:2 Diet) featured an Israeli science team who roundly dispute the keto/palaeo dogma by demonstrating that people react radically differently to different foods according to the bacterial mix in their intestinal flora. For example, some individuals don't get an insulin spike with white bread where others get a massive one. The female presenter (an MD herself) found that in her case, eating chocolate ice cream didn't raise her insulin, but bagels did (or whatever). I don't think the LCHF thing is at all fine-tuned scientifically. But fasting clearly is. Anyway, here's a link to the text on the website, since you Yanks won't be able to watch the BBC iplayer vid. It's worth a read.


  12. I tried a low carb/ketogenic diet early last year and it was fairly successful. I lost about 20lbs in roughly 4 months which is way more than what I usually lose. I tracked everything I ate and my average daily calories total was around 2,200. I barely lost a pound when just lowering calories to 1,800 – 1,900 calories a day with no macro restrictions in place. I definitely felt a lot fuller on the low carb/high fat diet and the carb cravings also went relatively quickly.

    The main issue I had was energy. I just didn't have any. When I came home from work all I wanted to do was sit on my arse. I couldn't motivate myself to go to the gym, go out walking, or do anything that involved energy expenditure. I've read quite a lot of books and they all say about the energy explosion you will get but it never came for me.

    I intentionally came off low carb/ketogenic diet in July 2015 for a planned holiday. I had planned to go back on the diet again but after three weeks of coming off I was absolutely horrified to learn that I had put back on 17lbs again. In just THREE weeks. I most certainly didn't go on a three week binge or anything. Certainly a little more than usual but nothing major.

    That experience really put me off going low carb again because I learned that, as soon as I came off the diet I would gain the weight back fairly easily. I could never sustain this way of eating as a lifestyle unfortunately.

    I really wish you the best of luck and, whilst I have no doubt you will lose a lot of weight using this method, the big question/s is, is it sustainable and do you fell like you're bursting with energy? Looking forward to update videos!

  13. I hope you like sleeping on the couch!! My sex drive went to shit when on Keto for some reason but i only did keto for a few weeks but the sex thing was kind of a big deal to me so i had to dead it lol, i still do keto friendly meals but for me (and everyone's different), carbs help me sleep at night so i only eat carbs for dinner and even then 40 grams or so max. So i do a Hybrid version of Keto/IF i guess. Good luck boss keep us updated.

  14. I am in a ketogenic diet since may/15, but since 1/feb/16 I started ADF too (monday, wednesday and friday with no food at all in all day, but 3 cups of coffee with no sweetener), I have no carb cravings because I am in ketosis, I feel with a lot of energy all day even when I'm fasted, It's preety amazing. Those days that I'm feeded I eat normally, up to 1800 cals, no overeating. Regards.

  15. Hi Scott,

    I really enjoyed your fat vlog, and wanted to offer you something back, in case you haven't heard of it yet, and this is "The Perfect Health Diet".
    This guy, Paul Jaminet is a walking computer, and have done a very extensive research, with his wife, about diet, nutrition and life style.
    Intermittent fast is a part of their plan, but it looks like there's a lot more.
    I'm personally waiting for their book to arrive, but from what I've learned so far, this looks like the real thing.

    Good luck with your experiments, keep posting, and keep that open mind, you'll get there eventually.

  16. I'm no expert but in my experience cravings come from the body wanting/needing nutrients. Any food can make us full but only 'real' food, that grows from the ground or has a mother, gives us the nutrients our body was designed for.. so that's the encouragement I use to eat more vegetables, lean meats, fruits.. not because they are 'righteous', but because they feed the body good – thus, less cravings.

  17. Krista Varadys' ADF studies show the fasting gives similar improvements in metabolic markers to eating more cleanly.


    Regarding fructose to fat…actually first it will fill liver glycogen reserves (It actually refills liver glycogen quicker than glucose from starch since only the liver can process fructose wheras the rest of the body can process glucose). If those are full (like they typically are in a fat kid watching TV eating candy and coke) it converts to Saturated Fat, and the liver will start pumping out triglycerides to get rid of it (some of it will accumulate in the liver causing fatty liver and insulin resistance in the liver..not good.) If you're coming out of ketosis or IF on empty glycogen, fructose is harmless if you don't eat too much. The liver also dumps uric acid into the blood increasing blood pressure and can cause gout too when overloaded with fructose.

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