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14 Replies to “ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS & KETOSIS: aspartame, sucralose, saccharin on a KETOGENIC DIET. My thoughts”

  1. Splenda has maltodextrin and dextrose in it. Crystal Light, which has aspartame, has maltodextrin in it. Reading labels may depress you, but it may help you stay in ketosis. Bacon or other meats are generally cured with sugar, even whole turkeys are injected with a solution containing sugar.

  2. I attempted to purchase some of your maca, as I enjoy maca and the price was very reasonable. However, there appeared to be no option for shipping to Canada. Frown.

  3. I know this is off the sweetener subject, but I was wondering what you recommend post workout. I've always heard there is a 30 minute window to get the right nutrients into your system and was curious about what you suggest or if you have covered this topic in some of your other videos?

  4. By the way, lots of people will put on a lot of weight in beginning on the halloween binge-eating of chocolates, and then on thanksgiving binge eating on egg-nogs, pecan pies, pumpkin pies and sweets, potatoes breads and on christmas

  5. Would a basketball player benefit from a ketogenic diet? Im about to start my season and I eat keto, feeling great and thinking great. What are some warning signs that I can look for during my season to make sure that Im fueling correctly? Is there other ways to fuel and get some of the benefits of keto which include carbs? 16 years old,124lbs and female. Im trying to find a way in which keto can fit my sports.

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