Is The Keytogenic Diet Dangerous? Find out in this video of Ask Yuri.


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  1. A ketogenic diet is not "no-carb." It involves getting roughly 65% of your calories from healthy fat, 30% from protein, and 5% from carbs. Of course these are estimates, and different experts will give you different percentages. I won't comment on the safety if it because I am still researching. But I did want to point out that what you said was incorrect.

  2. Let me say this… this entire theory of evolution and thousands of years and millions and billions of years of our bodies evolving and the very nature of some of these diets like caveman diet and so forth are completely ridiculous. Why? Well, how about this because they assume and presume the very theory of evolution which is unproven and probably not true in the first place. If you really want to live your life healthy and correctly. I would start with truth as the starting point. That being that God created the human bodies, DNA, and our genetic code to be perfect and to handle the fall that occurred approx 6,000 years ago after than fall of our great grand parents Adam and Eve. This whole caveman we've evolved from is stupid and presupposes at best the theory of evolution which is unproven. Devolution is the more likely model. And Biblically speaking IF God created humans perfect or near prefect to adapt to mutations and use speciation over time to survive, then we've devolved from a higher state not evolved. We have it all backwards. The most sincere plan that follows true history and a Biblical true history is probably the very diet used 2,000 and even 4,000 years ago post global Noah's flood after the vapor canopy fall. And after the ozone uv rays and copying errors starting causing body mutations. This would likely be intermittent fasting. Why? Because our ancestors were a whole lot smarter than we were and we should take that into account. We were NOT cavemen 200,000 years ago and some ape like creature that evolved. We were perfect humans that have gotten worst. We should change our way of thinking about dieting and follow a more Biblical approach if we are concerned about living longer in the first place.

    And most importantly regardless of your short life on earth, you should be more concerned about your soul first and then taken care of your body to do God's will second.

  3. 3 Macro-nutrients
    – Carbs
    – Proteins
    – Fats

    Only 2 "Essential" Macro-nutrients
    – Proteins
    – Fats

    Nobody requires carbs to live well. Proteins are converted into Carbs when necessary.

  4. The ketogenic diet is technically a survival mechanism that the body voluntarily goes into in times of starvation. A point that most proponents of the Keto diet fail to mention when they are preaching the gospel that the Keto diet is the One True Way to eat. What they also fail to mention is that the foods approved for the diet are highly acidic, and can effect your body's natural ph balance which can have consequences as I found out after doing the diet for eight months. I had terrible rashes on my legs and arms, and it wasn't until I got off the diet that the rashes started to go away. Also, Yuri's comments show that he has not done his research on how long it takes to get into a state of Ketosis which can be up to two weeks according to Doctors Phinney and Volek, two of the main proponents of the diet. Everybody's an expert. For those interested in more info on the subject, there is a good book titled "DIET CULTS" by Matt Fitzgerald. I'm back to eating my carbs and loving it!

  5. You really have know idea what your saying do you? Lol , Eskimos lived on 95% meat and lived into there 100s and it was the norm.
    Until we civilized them. Now they have heart disease. Keto is how we should be eating. Not part time. Sorry but your wrong here!

  6. I am on a Keto and I have never heard of people not eating carbs at all on Keto.  At the same time this may be possible for someone on some type of Keto that I do know about.  Most people on Keto that I know of eat low carbs.  We certain types of carbs of carbs.  Generally not wheat, rice, potatoes, etc…  For example instead of using regular flour I would use organic almond or coconut flour.  Now the number of carbs I eat is much lower than people on a carb based diet.  People have to rememeber carbs are in more than potatoes, wheat bread, brown rice, etc… there are vegatables with carbs, fruit For example I will eat organic vegetables with carbs, etc.  Anyway my thoughts…

  7. Can anyone help me? When I was growing up my family did a diet that consisted of TONS of protein and fat and almost no carbs. When we did eat carbs it was like a salad or brocolli. We lost lots of weight in a short amount of time, and I felt great while doing it. Can anyone tell me if this is healthy and if so can I do it to knock off some pounds fast?

  8. Yuri I think you need to do more research on a whole food plant based diet. Good carbs are excellent for you, and the brain feeds on glucose. The long term results on a ketogenic diet promotes chronic disease. Terrible video. 

  9. Sugar to the human brain is like a drug and because its an easier fuel to burn than fat the body will always burn it first. The more sugar you put into your body the more it will want. (This has all been scientifically proven). Its not good carbs that cause problems its bad carbs high in sugars and corn syrup. That said it is also a scientific fact that the body and brain perform better on ketones. Humans on ketogenic diet do not stuff themselves full of protein and fat, in fact they eat very little when compared with the quantities vegans have to eat to get the same amounts of nutrients. Protein is only eaten in small amounts in order to maintain proper ratios. Humans on a keto diet are just as healthy as vegans and actually look healthier due to their softer and healthier skin and more muscular appearance. The majority of vegans have drier skin and are very thin. That's not to say there aren`t muscular vegans.

  10. im glad that people are starting to separate VEGANS ( good nutrition ) from kitogenic people ( Bad nutrition ) … GUYS  ill explain to you relly fast what kitogenic is….  its an EMERGENCY fuel system !… i said EMERGENCY before the body starts to burn proteins … because next thing its gonna be muscle and organ burn  ( hunger ).

  11. Your brain prefers ketones. Which is why its fuel of choice is glucose and it switches to ketones as a last resort (sarcasm). I'm not saying ketosis is horrible, but it's a survival mechanism – not an optimal way of functioning in daily life. Maybe it gives you more energy and clarity for a short period of time in order for you to find food? I don't know.

  12. Ketones For Body < —-     Brain is made up of fatty tissue and muscular tissue …… I am on the Ketogenic diet …. Brain needs Glucose undoubtedly… not even a conversation.   

  13. The brain needs, and I emphasise NEEDS glucose. Not just for energy production but also for the production of biosynthetic compounds like NADPH which is a compound used in the production of functional lipids, such as myelin sheaths required for neuronal conductance, also red blood cells can only metabolise glucose as they don't contain mitochondria where fats and ketone bodies are utilized. Who really knows the effect of a prolonged cohort study of ketogenic diets.

    I think there was a brief study performed on an Alaskan population which dinned on seals. I would recommend anyone considering specialised diets, to at least be proficient in dieting/bodybuilding using the more traditional methods before trying this.  

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but, if our bodies do prefer ketones for energy over glucose.. surely our bodies would go into ketosis if we were consuming both carbs/fats? our bodies will naturally use glucose first.. so what Yuri is saying doesnt really make sense to me. My body uses glucose to fuel the brain first if I eat a meal with carbs and fat. I'm going to hazard a guess and say our bodies that have evolved over thousands of years know best.

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