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23 Replies to ““Ketogenic diet vs IIFYM” What’s THE BEST Way To Get Ripped”

  1. Also i tried to stay under my daily calories for about 8 months (had some cheat meals/days tho) and i got to 70.5 from 78.5.. Im 177cm btw.. Training 4-5 times a week (boxing and weights), never counted calories, just tryin to eat clean. Now the last 3 days i've been counting according to the Benedict formula and i suppose to have 1990kcal a day to lose 1.5 (240g of carb, 155g of protein and 47g of fat) The thing is i feel F.U.L.L when i reach about 1400-1500 kcal. Its very confusing cuz acording to this i have to actually force myself to eat more to lose weight its crazy! Can that mean that i was doing a very raging cut the last months? I dont believe that 1kg/month is raging, i dropped weight but i didn't lose as fat as i thought i would when i reach 70.5kg.. Is it possible that i slowed my metabolism that much? And what can i do now? Should i continue "forcing" myself to hit my macros? Also do you thing 240g of carbs are way to much,, i was on a low carb all this time and im kinda intimidated, tho maybe i got paranoid! 😛 Is IIFYM the right way??? Thank you all in advance for your help and opinions! :)

  2. Brandon is it true that you should get at least 80% of your protein from animal products (dairy, meat, whey etc) when following iifym? It kinda confuses me.. Like, if i dont count at all all the protein from beans, rice, nuts etc, to hit my protein target i'll have more calories than i should.. And if i do count them i'll be right on spot caloric-wise, but i actually took less protein grams than i suppose to? It confuses me af.. Any opinions about this? Thanks in advance bro!

  3. +Brandon Carter ,
    @B9King is correct about meat spiking insulin, but that isn't the whole story. It isn't comparable to the way carbs spike your insulin. Insulin's job is to activists cells to absorb nutrients, for example when sugar is introduced the cells are told to take it in and use it or to store it. Same with protein, but when glucose levels are low in the body due to a low carb diet, the pancreas releases glucagon which breaks down glycogen and uses that to flood the blood stream with energy. This is a good thing since you are directly burning fat. So yes, your insulin and blood sugar spike with fats and protein, but 1 not as much as with carbs and not as dramatic, and 2, its for a good reason and it directly breaks down fat. 

  4. +Big Brandon Carter
    Quick question: I'm currently doing I.F. On the weekends I allow myself to eat regular higher calorie foods with salt and sugar. Now I do this with a certain amount of control and decorum.

    I just completed two days off work and a double cheat day last night at 12 midnight.

    Right now it's 12 midnight on the next night. I've had nothing but water and a cup of coffee within the past 24. My goal is to be fasted for 40 hrs.

    According to My Fitness Pal in order to reach my weighloss goals I should consume 2,300 calories per day.

    What if a person were to alternate fasting and eating days? In other words, they would Get 3,000 calories total one day. Then the next day do a water fast for 24 hrs. The rinse and repeat.

    How will making this his standard routine and way of eating effect his muscle gains as it applies to being shredded?

    Would he be able to get enough of the vitamin richness and nutrients needed to be cut, rip and muscular?

    Thanks for your kind consideration! W&PO

  5. Fucking love this video. Definitely opened my mind up to not just fitness but so many other things in the world. Also those glasses bro. Are they the melatonin glasses? if so where did you get them?

  6. The best diet is the one that works for you. No-one is going to look at your lean, muscular physique and judge you based on how you got there. "Nice abs dude but you don't do IF so it doesn't count". – ha, unlikely.

  7. This is one of my favorite videos by you all year because I resonate with it so well. I'm getting a diploma of fitness coaching and I find so many people wrap their ego around their idea (exactly like you said) and get so defensive when you mention alternate/more effective methods.

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