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35 Replies to “One Year Keto Cholesterol Results | The Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Congratulations on your journey! I have heard wonderful things about this diet and want to learn more to help my clients! Do you know where I can find additional research on the cholesterol affects from a ketogenic diet?

  2. congrats on the amazing results , however this is not for everyone , I was on kitogenic diet for a year and my cholesterol doubled in value and worse ratio , I discovered that there are different genetic type that determines the amount of cholesterol we absorb and liver creates , if you are in the unlucky group of ApoE4 type then you absorb alot more cholesterol and that will elevate LDL in my case to 230. I am sharing this so others can benefit from my findings and do the necessary checkup and understand the results . noted diet accordingly .

  3. This is definitely a concern for me when I think about going on this "diet" (eating plan). I've read so much about so many diets…. vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, etc……. it's all SO confusing and actually discouraging because who knows what is the "right" one to be on? Kwim? I lost 60+ lbs last year, but I did it in a very unhealthy way. I stopped what I was doing and still have about 20lbs that I'd like to lose. I'm stuck because I am afraid of doing the wrong thing. Any advice would be appreciated! <3

  4. i just had my blood lipds test done after 8 weeks on keto, and as of now, things are on the bad side lol. I have been told it takes alot longer than 8 weeks to get better numbers. my hdl was 23, my ldl was 177. my total was 212, and my ratio is 9.2. glucose was 93. Tris were 92. hoping with more time and adding some physical activity in, it will help out.

  5. That's Awesome test results   Congrats also on your weight loss & everything you've accomplished   !!!!   Was a year for me in Feb. & still going strong on my keto journey too. After 9 months into Keto it was time for my yearly  Blood work . Omg I was sooo scared all I told my Dr I was eating  Low carb. (  Not the High Fat part ). Before  I started she was seriously thinking of putting me on a statin 🙁  My Dr. walked in with a big smile on her face & said "You did it your cholesterol numbers are Great !! "    Wheww  it's a miracle plain & simple 🙂  My numbers are fairly close to yours . Total cholesterol  184  –  Trig  56   LDL 134  – HDL 39  . All those years being afraid to eat  Butter  & eating bad oils with grains, sugars   ect's a just not right how we were told it was bad for us ….. KETO ON !!!!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this. I, and a few people I know who have switched to LCHF have also reported similar results after about 3 months of following keto. We've all been amazed by how much scaremongering happens by well-meaning concerned friends and family. This video sure helps a lot. I'm sharing right away :-)

  7. I'm going for my first physical in over 10 years on May 24. I'm looking forward to getting a baseline for where all my levels are because I have no clue. I have lost significant weight and have managed to keep it off, but am looking to up my overall health and have switched to Ketogenic as of February 19. My husband is doing it as well and it is 100% working for him. Congrats on the amazing results! I can't wait to share mine with you in a couple months.

  8. I tried eating animal based high fat low carb, I just can not get past feeling that I am filling my body with toxins, I agree that it may not hurt your cardio vascular system if you do keto, but you are dumping into your body massive amounts of toxins from the environment that concentrate in animals fat even if you eat organic/pastured raised. I am going to attempt to do a vegan version of keto. No matter, please make sure you take organic garlic(crush and wait 10 min), amla(super antioxidant) , (daily) and shredded red cabbage-sulforaphane (every other day) to help detox your liver and body and prevent cancer.. I am very very impressed with your perserverence and dedication. Very admirable. I tried to get my daughter to do non vegan keto and she is sick of eating only fat and protein after only 4 days. I told her that you have been eating that way for 61 weeks. She is miserable and that is de-motivating me quickly. It seems like the only choice is high carb low fat or highfat low carb or cyclical keto diet.

  9. Awesome job !!!

    I have lab work in a couple of weeks. It's a repeat from iffy labs that were taken prior to keto. I refused to go on statins and requested a 3 month repeat after I "got focused". I am hoping to see some dramatic positive changes after being on keto for 3 months.

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