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Chasing numbers on a blood glucose meter is NOT benefiting most of the people duped into the practice. For non-diabetics, people who are utilizing keto for body composition and lifestyle enhancement rather than management of serious disease, a small rise in blood glucose during or after exercise is not something to worry about and obsess over. If you are truly concerned about blood glucose levels, check your Hba1c…context is vital for these metrics. It is alarming how many people with little understanding of the intricacies of blood sugar regulation and hormonal responses to exercise and ketosis are taking bad advice and measuring their progress and self-worth with blood glucose numbers when, to many of them, it is irrelevant and distracting.


29 Replies to “Another KETO MISTAKE: BLOOD GLUCOSE OBSESSION, number chasing and a KETOGENIC DIET”

  1. +Primal Edge Health, thank you. I myself fell victim to the frequent testing of blood glucose and ketones. I would stress out over waking up and having BG be at 96, despite super low carb and high fat. I really needed to hear this. It's a game changer. Thanks again!

  2. You're right about the rise after working out. Most people are fine. With that said people like me with high insulin resistance do need to worry about blood glucose levels. However that usually isn't post workout but during other times of the day. Ketogenic dieting can reverse that in a month or two with good exercise and proper diet. Good video man.

  3. I take all my measurements once a week on the same day at the same time. This includes my weight, blood glucose, blood ketones, and body measurements. I find more than once a week is detrimental to providing an accurate picture of my progress. Although I measure once a week I really only pay attention average values from month to month to determine whether I need to make changes to my nutrition or fitness. Ultimately a bit of patience needs to be practiced in order to fully take advantage of measurements.

  4. Hey, Primal Edge Health, I went into ketosis for about 2 weeks and ended up getting a pretty gnarly rash. The dermatologist said it was a rare rash that occurs in mainly those of asian descent (I'm asian). My dermatologist told me to kick out of ketosis and as days went by out of ketosis my rash went away. I was wondering if you have any notes or words of wisdom to help me go back into ketosis (being in ketosis was the best feeling i've ever had) or if you have ever heard of this "keto rash". Let me know what you think about this situation. Thanks

  5. +Primal Edge Health, Tristan I totally agree with you. This is one of my favorite personal videos that you have done to this date. As a therapist I often recommend the ketogenic diet to most of my patients suffering from anxiety and depressive episodes. They come on to YouTube and get caught up in the minutia of "experts" and their "expert" recommendations. Thank you for implementing the "no-bullshit zone" (NBZ) lol. I know the YouTuber who is touting the 80 glucose number and it is blatantly false.

    By the way, I intend on sending some of my patients your way for video consultations. As a therapist and personal trainer, I only have time to deal with their mental and physical issues and I couldn't think of a better keto coach than you. Thanks for your hard work man.

  6. Hey bro. Love the videos, I'm beginning to start Keto seriously now and I have learned alot from your videos. I'm really greatful to you. Just heard about the earthquake out there that has resulted in many deaths. Really hope you and your family are fine and healthy at this time…God bless

  7. Like those guys and gals that spend 150 Dollars on DEXA Scans, to measure their bodyfat %. What a waste of money – better buy some fresh tuna for that.

  8. I've been on a keto diet for over 3 months, less than 20g of carb a day and yesterday my blood glucose skyrocketed to 276 mg/dl !! its normally around 100 mg/dl, scared the hell out of me! Really confused about this?

    Checked it sometime in the evening so its not dawn phenomenon, 3 hours after a meal.. Didnt work out that day and I eat moderate protein around 80-100 grams a day. Any advice would be very welcomed!!!!

  9. Does a keto diet negatively effect the gallbladder? I've had trouble with severe pain in the gallbladder recently but not since starting the keto diet on Monday until today. It wasn't as severe as a pain as usual but I was wondering if the high fat diet causes that? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  10. Thanks for this video. I've noticed on some FB sites, people are really obsessed with BG levels, which I never understood. Love to watch your facial expressions! I hope all is well with Jessica.

  11. Love this video!!MS is my reason I test weekly unless I change something, then I follow the change. We change, even as we live life. People need to relax and enjoy the journey they are on.Appreciate your sanity ; D

  12. Great info, as always! I obsessed with this and the scale for too long before I switched to just taking measurements and going on how my body feels… very important to not add stress when you don't have to!
    By the way, totally off topic…anyone ever tell you that you look like Ragnar Lothbrok from the History channels tv show "Vikings"?! Looks like you guys found your own Valhalla☺

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