How bullet proof coffee effects your keto adaptation

jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
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  1. Stephanie, I get that your forum is geared to the large overall population, however some of the statements you make seem Extremely broad. I'm not hating on you but to suggest that anyone who drinks coffee has adrenal fatigue or dysfunction, or spikes glucose is just plain incorrect. No study you can pull would show all of the effects that you describe at anywhere near a 90-100% rate as some of your videos suggest. I agree what you describe could be a scenario for anyone but it's not definite for anyone without personal knowledge of those effects. One would need to test these things. I'm sure your fans(me included) appreciate you pointing out the pitfalls, but we can't be so dogmatic regarding these effects.

  2. 2nd day without caffeine. Doing keto as a post cancer protocol for life. Love your no bs approach and trying my hardest to follow what you say.

    Would you consider putting in a paypal donate link for those of us who wish to show our appreciation for what you do?

    Many thanks and have an excellent day.

  3. alternatives? I was thinking of making Bulletproof from cocoa protein powder instead of caffeine.
    but my concern is the carbs in the powder combined with the whey, causing glycation (sugar + protein = aging)
    I need a keto x nootropics morning drink for mental & physical energy. Tea has high flouride, concerned for pineal.
    What if you take Bulletproof coffee a few days a week, not everyday…

  4. I eliminated caffeine and coffees from my diet thanks to you and feel much better. I love tea though and have recently tried chaga which is decaf. What do you think of medicinal teas like Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane, and Oolong? And would you recommend adding GF butter, coconut oil, collegen and MSM to them. I love your videos! Going to check out your website. Thanks

  5. OK guys after my caffeine withdrawal I have a great coffee substitute that I put in my coffee cup every day on my way to work. Bone broth, grass fed butter, celtic/him salt, dehydrated leeks just for prebiotic action. This is my second bone broth batch and I am using the old and new bones. many diff kinds, chicken, knuckles, shins, feet, steak bones, all grass fed of course. Sometimes ill add a little MCT oil. Taste great like a warm soup on my way to work. Thank you steph and also was wondering what is your thought on the fat from the broth, that sufaces to the top. should I remove that, or bring that in with the rest of the fats ?

  6. I found you here on YouTube over a year ago, and I am glad I did I been strictly following the keto diet and I have lost 135 pounds in 18 months I feel so good and loving life

  7. Caffeine apparently curbs the appetite of many people. But for me it does the opposite and I get really hungry when I have it in any form. I agree with what you're saying about it by the way. I'm just wondering why it make me ravenous when it suppresses everyone else's appetite?

  8. great video although a little confusing. had my special bulletproof mocha coffee this morning. usually only do coffee or green tea bulletproof style 1-2 times a week. Other times will use herbal tea with OCO and KGB. Coffee and caffeine shouldn't be consumed everyday, that's what ruins the body's natural ability to run properly. Remember caffeine is a drug 🙂 Fuel your body with fat! stay strong, stay positive, be the improvement warrior!

  9. I am confused by this video. I know you don't like caffeine, but surely butter and coconut oil are fuel for a ketogenic diet? I know the "upgraded coffee" is bullshit and his "special brain fuel" expensive oils are total bullshit, but if you must drink coffee (some people like it) then putting some butter in there has to be a good idea? No?

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