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For most people it is absolutely possible to lose bodyfat while gaining strength and muscle simultaneously. Especially for individuals who have more than 20lb of fat to lose, it should be expected that a well formulated training regime and diet combined with a healthy lifestyle and circadian rhythm alignment will result in simultaneous fat loss and performance gains. You do not have to pick one or the other, you can get stronger and lose bodyfat at the same time with sufficient protein and proper training combined with adequate rest and a balanced lifestyle. This act of changing the composition of muscle and fat on the body is called body recompositioning.


19 Replies to “Can you LOSE FAT and BUILD STRENGTH & MUSCLE? Ketogenic Diet, Body Recompositioning”

  1. so if you're kinda lean, how can you increase muscle mass in keto. Fairly new to this, started about a couple of weeks ago slowly taking out vast amount of carbs and using mct. i feel like my stomach sweating at times for no reason as im at walking around at work, not sure if the keto has hit me but im starting to feel more awake too! first week was rough felt like crap and sick. so i think im getting there, but i want to start training/working out by next week…dont know how to go about it

  2. Have you heard of Anabolic Fasting? This is pretty much like the anabolic diet + fasting, although Cory Gregory suggests to spike insulin before bed time, as the GH level is high at that time, any thoughts? I personally do not enjoy spiking insulin (even with a single banana) before bed time, can not get a good night sleep with food in belly

  3. How do you gain muscle without losing body fat when you below 10% BF? I haven't measured my BF but I'm pretty sure I'm below 10% and struggle putting the weight on! I'm eating to gain strength and muscle mass but since going Keto I've lost both strength size and fat.

  4. you're vids resonate the most for me with keto. I lift heavy and keto just helps so much with strength. I can't handle the Steph keto vids. so really the only support is you're channel.

  5. What about bulking after getting below 13 to 15% BF? Can you get muscle gains without also putting on some fat and if so, what do you change in diet after finishing the cut? Keep it the same except add more protein grams?

  6. These videos are awesome… I'm still only eating around 1300 calories, keeping my proteins steady and carbs under 5%. It is week 6, I feel awesome!! My workouts are strong..I'm jogging??! And dropping weight!! Everything else I have seen or read told me to eat a bunch of fat… You common sensed it for me… I possess a virtual unlimited amount of fat already, why eat a ton more? Thank you..

  7. I never questioned your shirtless self, I just figured it was your free ad. An ad to show people you practice what you preach. Natural healthy ripped person, that believes in a full way of life.As always a good video, thank you!

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