Basically taking a ketogenic diet, and then intermittently adding carbohydrates in order to replenish glycogen stores on a regular basis.


24 Replies to “Get Shredded With A Carb Cycling Ketogenic Diet”

  1. in your fustration video, u stated it takes 12 weeks to get into ketosis. Now this video goes completely against that by carbing up after 4-6 days??? This is what u call a low carb cycling diet bro! lol

  2. Great video. As someone who doesn't really work out, but who's pretty active generally (however, with a lot of body fat to lose) – would you recommend any carb up or staying in ketosis? I don't find it hard to stay in ketosis (or even to get into ketosis – 24 hours for me), however I always feel sluggish & tired for the first few days going back in. At the same time then, when I come off the diet, the weight piles back on if I even sniff carbs (which you explained beautifully, now looking for a way to avoid that!).

  3. I wish you had more videos. it seems like every video out there on the keto diet are wayy too long and the bad part of that is that I saw people rambling on and on. On the other hand you just drop knowledge lol no rambling

  4. Sounds good bro, but I think this is good for older people who got off track of training and dieting for what ever reason… I hope young people are not doing this crap… When I was young I just work my ass off in the gym and ate what ever I wanted and was ripped.. im 51 now.. now soo easy but still in good shape and heath.. Good video

  5. Thanks for this info. I'm on 2 weeks on keto now and lost a good amount fats. I'm doing 1 cheat dayomce a week (carb and protein diet mostly). My work involves heavy lifting and I hit my muscles twice a week. I noticed a little dropped of my performances in the gym and sometimes tired before I start to work. I'm 5'10" 92kg and on caloric deficit of 1900 calories per day. Do I need to change my carb up every 4th day? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks bro! From a New Zealand fan.

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