Bodybuilding on Keto

vvvvvv BACK WORKOUT vvvvvvv

Seated Row 3×10

Single Arm DB Row 5×10

Wide Grip Upper Back Row 3×15

Pull Downs 3×10

DB Pull Overs 3×10

DB Curls 3×20

Barbell Curls 3×15 BeUnchained





38 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Bodybuilding on Keto”

  1. My daughter and I are having snuggle time before dinner and watching your videos. She said "Oh my gosh dude, look at his arms!" Thought you might like those encouraging words of a 5 year old. :)

  2. MAN I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!! When i started my channel I had no idea I would love it so much either!!! For me I've had a past desire for photography but the videography……man i had no idea i would like it this much!!! keep grinding and i will help any way to help you reach your dream of doing this for a living!!! Also where can i get some Unchained apparel???

  3. "You're never going to amount to anything significant on YouTube. Stop while your ahead." I hope this motivates you, because it would motivate me. Kill it bro! Step your editing game up and you'll see your numbers rise! (Not saying it isn't on point now)

  4. You should be at like 30k goodybeats always posting good as content and sick editing skills but likeYou said is either one video or a collab that will put your name out their but Keep Grinding you will soon !

  5. I love you energy and just zest for life. My channel has been at a standstill for a long time but you know I know that when my channel takes off it'll be more content my new subs can watch. You'll get up there with the rest of the bigger Youtubers as well.

  6. Gabe Sey and also Lee Murray King said they were visiting you in Austin? When is Gabe coming over there, are you going to take him to Alphalete gym and also Pumpchasers gym while he in TX?

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