Can you bulk on Keto?


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  1. I bulk on keto and I eat a minimum of 200 grams of protein per day and have never been kicked out of ketosis. 200 grams is only 800 calories, if you're bulking you will be killing atleast 2500 calories or more depending on your size. Your body is not stupid and will utilize the most abundant fuel being supplied, which is dietary fat while in ketosis. Whenever I go lower in my protein intake, I start getting soft, when I up it again, I get stronger and harder. Don't be afraid of protein kicking you out of ketosis, just make sure your first meal is fat heavy and you consume more calories per gram of fat than you do protein. Lift on my bruthas in iron.

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  3. Hey man, I'm not sure if you've mentioned or heard of this before but I'd highly recommend that you look this up. A few months or so ago Joe Rogan (famous comedian/podcaster) had a podcast with someone named Mark Sisson. Mark is the founder of a diet very similar to Keto, called the primal blueprint diet. I know I've already said this but I genuinely recommend you and everyone who reads my comment take two hours and listen to this. It was extremely informative and profoundly interesting. It was episode #752 of the "Joe Rogan Experience" and can be found on iTunes. Hope you enjoy!

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