This video describes an experiment I did concerning eating a controlled, ketogenic diet. I lost 23 pounds in 1 month! I hope this video is helpful or inspiration to others.

My spreadsheet. You can see what I ate, in detail, here:


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  1. Good job. I think it is water because I am on veto now for 2 years and this is how I started lost too much and found out it was water. Good luck either way

  2. Great video but your protein intake is far too high for a ketonic diet. I thought it should be 70% fat and 30% protein. It's dangerous
    Lay high. Could be harmful too.

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! 23# in 30 days is an indicator of how out of shape you really were, because the more out of shape you are the faster the weight drop.

    You mentioned your diet restricted fat. Perhaps, after a year of posting this video, you now realize a keto diet IS mostly fat. A classic keto diet is 80% of your daily calories comes from fat. And, the amount of protein at each meal should be around 3-4 ounces, because, as you likely know, excess protein converts to glucose. The volume of 3-4 ounces of protein is what can fit into a box of playing cards.

    You ARE right about fast weight loss being okay. Slow weight loss being healthy IS a myth, right up there with avoid eating saturated fats. One research study found fast weight loss was an indicator of long term weight loss success.

    You mentioned practicing calorie restriction along side a keto diet. Whatever works for you is fine, but the classic keto diet is NOT about calorie restriction. It's about the ratio of low carbs (if any), low protein, and high good fats.

    You mentioned practicing Intermittent Fasting (IF). I IF, too, as well as do multi-day, water fasting. When I do break the fast, it's done with a keto diet. Fasting is a good tool for busting through a weight loss plateau.

    You mentioned a lot of your weight loss information comes from other keto dieters. Hearing these success stories is good for motivation, but you may enjoy listening to researchers, such as Dr. Stephen Phinney, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Tim Noakes, and many others. Their presentations are peppered all over YouTube.

    Again, congratulations of the weight loss, Marco!

    Doug in Silicon Valley

  4. Thats awesome bro. Hard and smart work pays off. I started my ketogenic diet today. I want to document my journey, just like you are. You look great man. keep grinding to get to your goals!!!!!!!!!

  5. nitrates are bad! !
    Where are you Veges ?
    Way too much protein!!
    I turned your video off at about 12 minutes because you said nothing about eating vegees or who you will get your Marco nutrients. Thank you for the video and your efforts. Next time I suggest you keep your grams of carbos to eating mostly vegees, Fat about 69%, and protein not more than 100 to 125 if you want to weight 180 pounds. There is no pointing in losing weight if you will die early.

  6. People confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis which is a potentially lethal condition that crops up for diabetics and can be a problem if you lower your carbs too far. With enough information, you should be able to avoid it. Naysayers are usually armchair experts or outraged nutritionists who don't keep up with their research or just can't wrap their heads around it.

  7. Thanks a lot for your video, I am going to try this. Could you answer following questions.

    1) Did you experience the "Keto flu" ?

    2) How was it when you come out of the Keto diet? Did you gain any weight rapidly?

    Thanks 🙂


  8. I have slid into heavy use of artificial sweetener. I see you did not use any on your chart You also don't mention diet drinks. I also see you are leaning towards protein. I didn't see what you are doing for vitamin C.

  9. As I was watching your video I was thinking, "This guy needs to be introduced to Stephanie Person's videos". Then you mentioned her, and you don't follow her example at all it seems. Not enough vegetables, she recommends NO tuna or low fat proteins, she says a BIG "NO!" to coffee and recommends a duel glucometer so you know where your sugars and ketones are. She also doesn't recommend Intermittent Fasting for beginners. According to her you are basically on a calorie restriction/starvation diet, not a Ketogenic diet.

    She's the strictest Keto person around with way more experimentation and knowledge that anyone else. You'll really heal your body if you do it her way.

    I'm glad your experiment went so well, I've had pretty much the same experience but over a longer period of time and I'm closer to Stephanie's age.

    For those who watch this and are interested and are older, she's the perfect Keto person to follow.

    You might also enjoy Dr Eric Bergs videos on Ketogenesis , he's not as strict as Stephanie but he knows a lot about nutrition from a Drs point of view, and he's funny too.

  10. study how the body works. need to supplement as well esp b vitamins, 90 minerals. Need antioxidents as well and keep the liver healthy. Canned tuna is not very healthy – mercury and other toxins. Need omega3 to be healthy as well. Do you work out at all?

  11. Goal should be health not weight loss. I agree with Dr. Bergs recommendations as well as the other experts. Do more research and see how your body works best. Add HIIT at night with weights and supplement. Only way to lose weight is to reduce your caloric intake and balance the hormones so keto is the best esp plant based. Use a nutrition planner. I continue to burn fat and lose weight while building muscle. I now weight 139# and I am 5'8" tall and used to weight over 220# can't believe that I weighed that much.

  12. I agree you must try it to see what it's like. One question though did you have excess skin ? I know from experience that happens with fast weight loss. Is it ok to exercise whilst in keto?

  13. I agree you must try it to see what it's like. One question though did you have excess skin ? I know from experience that happens with fast weight loss. Is it ok to exercise whilst in keto?

  14. I don't recommend watching these type of videos if you have somewhat advanced knowledge about keto, these self proclaimed youtube gurus (Stephanie jumping idiot, denying the real science because bipolar visions of her, what a waste) Listening babblings won't make you any more knowledgeable.
    Go on and read Jeff Volek, Dominic Diagastino, autophagy, fasting, dig in the research papers, it's good place to start learning.

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