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How much protein should you/ can you eat per meal on a ketogenic diet?


36 Replies to “Too Much PROTEIN in a Meal on a KETOGENIC DIET? Keto confusion demystified.”

  1. What's your opinion between John rose, ketogenic diet, lean gaines and Amen-Ra programs ? Had anyone tried both raw and cooked with grains and no grains, high carbs or high fats and can tell me which is best from experience ? 
    Currently I eat 70℅ cook vegetables boil for less than 2 minutes. I do Raw veggie and fruit shakes as about 35℅ of the 70. 15% fats and about 10% carbs including some fruit. I do however still eat meat though. Around 10% of my diet

  2. I have a question. Lets say that i have adapted to keto after 3-4 weeks. I would like to keep doing keto but i would also like to refeed at some pont. Not necessairily with carbs, but with much higher caloric intake which will come with higher fat, but also much igher protein that you are supposed to have on keto. I know that the excess protein might get me out of ketosis, so my question is: How much time will it take me to re-adapt to a ketogenic state afterwards? Is it going to be the same time as before or much less? Also, will i feel again the side-effects of exhastion and low fatigue like i did at the beginning while first adapting to Keto?

  3. I love this guy!
    I don't want to name names, but I am so much more on board with this guy- who emphasizes health and the big picture as opposed to other obnoxious "Keto gurus", who make the ketogenic diet complicated & stressful.

  4. I'm not sure about older people needing MORE protein , as a ketogenic diet is "protein sparing" as opposed to other metabolic lifestyles.

    I could be wrong, seeing as if studies haven't confirmed the unnecessary amount during a state of ketosis, but I would bet that ketosis fixes this misconception of requiring extra protein consumption in later years, if ones protein isn't unnecessarily evacuated out of the body, and stored for later use.

  5. How about if you are diabetic? I have to check my sugar 3 times a day and am on insulin, which I'd love to be able to stop doing. How much protein should I have per meal?

  6. I'm an avid weight lifter at 6 foot tall, 215 lbs and 10% BF, hitting the weights 6 days a week. Currently my macros are around 180 Gr protein, 10-20 grams carbs and remainder fat. Should I increase my protein or keep it where it's at?

  7. Great videos brother!! The great Vince Gironda touted the keto diet back in the early 60s and lived off of steaks, eggs, and liver. He always was ripped to the bone!

  8. Good points. I think Mercola now suggesting protein should now be restricted to a max of 15g per meal! This is just not practical for most and certainly not for those of us following an I.F protocol.

  9. Searching for reliable data on internet is like looking for a bunch of diamonds in the ocean of mud.
    So many articles on pubmed about protein intake, some seem realistic, some suggest huge amounts, some seem biased like you said.
    0.7 g per pound of lean mass seems like a realistic number. That's how much (sometimes less, sometimes more) I eat.

  10. Great video! I've been on a keto diet for three months now. I have lost thirty pounds of body-fat and have not lost any muscle mass or strength in my anaerobic workouts (all at a calorie deficit). For me, I think the key is a high protein content to go with plenty of healthy, organic fats. I'm glad you posted this video because I was talking with my wife about this very topic while grilling out tonight. But more than anything, I feel much better mentally than ever before.
    See, I lost my father in September and gained a lot of weight while I took care of him as he was dying. Physically and mentally I was a train-wreck, and I knew I needed to do something about it. Your channel helped me learn the way to a true ketogenic diet. In a way, I owe you a modicum of gratitude for helping me turn my life around. Thank you for your content. I don't think you know just how important your videos are to some of us. God bless you and your beautiful family, brother.

  11. i love your videos, so helpful 🙂 im about a week into keto with my bf who is farther along than I am. pretty sure im going through the detox period…my body feels like it hates me (fatigue, sore muscles everywhere, hurts to move) I read it's part of the process called ketoflu…is that true? did you guys go through similar things starting out? now my left side on my rib aches..I'm thinking im not getting enough salt…thoughts? :)

  12. I've never even though of this on a per meal basis. I've been trying to moderate my protein overall but I do a 5 hour feeding window with 3 meals total so I don't think I have much of a choice.

  13. I know you don't have much experience with this but I have pretty bad acne and I don't know why. I eat only whole foods of good quality, plenty of wild caught fish, and vegetables. (Not starchy ones) I've been on keto for a year and a half. Any thoughts on this?

  14. Normally i watch my protein but today i had a huge steak and a couple of English pork sausages, a lovely treat. I eat in a 6 hour window with only about 40 grams of carbs a day, not gonna worry about having the odd steak.

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