Understanding weight loss or lack of it on the ketogenic diet



  1. Stephany: I used to think that butter was fattening, even while I was on a low-carbohydrates diet, I followed a high-protein, moderate fat diet. But now lately I've been switching to a high-fat keto diet, and I even have more strength in the weight training exercises, eating this diet higher in fat and lower in protein, compared with my former high-protein moderate fat diet. Thanks a lot for your great educational videos

  2. Watching you for awhile, I have lost 41 pounds total since starting keto in June but for some reason my thighs were starting look muscular, something I couldnt imagine 6 months ago, got the flu and an ear infection was down for 3 weeks and took anitbiotics. My thighs now have cellulite it seems strange in places that werent there before and ive gained 5 pounds, how is this possible? I am confused.

  3. Thank u Stephanie, excellent information as always! Question for you: Is it normal that you glucose goes from 71 before gym to 98 after the workout? Am I doing something wrong at the gym? 2 hours after gym my glucose come down to 69 again. Stephanie please, please reply to me… pleaseeee…

  4. Stephanie I have been on keto for 6 months and have lost 22 pounds. I'm very happy even though it seemed slow compared to other people. but anyway I went off of it for only 2 days when I went on a cruise and learned, not worth it. but since then I HAVE NOT been able to lose any more even though according to my fitness pal macros have been right on everyday. I only have 5 more pounds to go but really want to go down to 145 which is total of 10 pounds. the only thing left to lose is my stubborn belly. I have some bone broth cooking right now thinking that will help with the stubborn fat. never tried it before, hope I like it because I want to do the 4 day fast with it. do you think it will help. any ideas from you would really be appreciated.

  5. hey steph, great video as always
    quick question: what about late night workers and evening workers? I personally work a shift that's 6pm-3am and get in a good amount of sleep from 3:30am-11:30am everyday and always wake up rejuvenated… never tired, would it be hard/impossible for me to become keto-adapted? really interested in the keto lifestyle but in terms of work.. it's pretty set it stone at this stage of my life (can't work around it) any suggestions? i'm 25 years old and eat fairly healthy (leafy greens, high fats (MCT oils, butter, and avacados) and lots of chicken is what my daily food intake looks like)

    thanks for all your hard work :)

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