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Marc Lobliner talks about the Ketogenic Diet not really being a ketogenic diet as prescribed by many “experts” but is actually a low carb high protein diet.

If you think you are on a keto diet but want to know if you are actually on a low carb high protein diet then this video is perfect for you!


21 Replies to “Your High Protein Diet Might Not Be A Ketogenic Diet”

  1. I think some people use high protein diets not so much for keto but to feel full, while calories are reduced and for the thermic effect of protein
    these 2 things added together, throw in some cardio and your cutting.
    I have never did it but I have seen people do it or at least claim they did it
    anyhow I never heard any of them looking for keto but maybe some do

  2. If you think ketogenic diets are high fat low protein diets, you are talking out your ass. You can get 250 g of protein and still keep 50%+ in fat for macros. And when you piss on a stick, you can see ketones in your piss.

  3. I've been doing keto on my current cut and eating 60% fat 30% protein and 10% fat. Once you keto adapt you'll be using fat for energy and won't need carbs before working out. Eating 1 gram per pound of body weight isn't keto it's low carb keBro. In my experience low carb diets don't work without high fat.

  4. I did that to myself this summer. I was eating way too much protein and way not enough carbs. At 165 lbs I was eating 360p, 185c, 80f. .. I found out about gluconeogenesis after I started watching all these you tubers that only eat 1g/ lb protein. Ive been slowly adding carbs and removing protein while simultaneously increasing calories during this reverse dieting phase. Im still eating well over 1g/lb protein. I blame my ignorance and faith in bodybuilding . com… But in all fairness, I did get down to 9% body fat via gluconeogenesis. I honestly dont even think Ill need to use protein powder if I only have to eat 1g/lb protein. I get more than that from food alone. Plus, if I was eating 165 protein, I would be cutting with like 380 carbs… Which mean ill have to bulk on like 500 ~ 600 carbs or something? Sounds like a lot of carbs. But hey, carbs are delicious anyway, so, fuck it. .. I guess I'll just throw out all this protein powder and buy a bunch of carbs at the grocery store.

  5. could you make a video on easy ways to make your carbs? i feel like it's so hard to cook/get my carbs in. it's easy to get my protein in.. no problem, but when i work 60 hours and I CANNOT pre cook my food (live in a house where only i buy/cook food) with 4 other people.

  6. Keto is only good for fat loss. If a trainer you have hired for muscle gains has recommended it, fire him/her. For people that are pretty much sedentary it gives great fast results. Like Marc said, you need carbs for fuel for your muscles to work hard.

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