I description of atkins vs ketogenesis..

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  1. fantastic!  I started back on Atkin's (none of their processed stuff) but now I really get the Ketogenic diet vs. Atkins.  Used to be afraid of the fats and added more proteins…but you make it really clear to understand the ned for the right fats to get into ketosis.   LOVE YOUR ENERGY.  You are my KETO HERO

  2. I'm one of those with digestive issues and an immune disease.  After years of suffering and learned that these sugars feed the bad bacteria in the small intestine which then cause inflammation all over the body.  Swelling went down after I eliminated bread, milk, corn and any other sugar foods.

  3. The three doctors who wrote the New Atkins book, Westman, Volec and Phinney are all promoters of the keto diet. Atkins is high fat low carb, not high protein, and all three didn't believe it was of any value at first, like so many doctors.

    Going through Atkins is a good intro to ketogenisis for most people. Stephanie takes it to the next level.

  4. Day 4 on the Keto diet
    .  My mothers side is FULL of Alzheimers disease.  I am so glad I found your channel.
      Since I am an endurance athlete(Triathlete) this eating plan will be a challenge.

  5. Hi Stpehanie.  Inspired.  That is what you have me thinking again today.  I spend most of my days researching health and listenting to interviews and reading everything.  I am proud of you and these videos.  I like that you have evolved in your thoughts and that you have not changed.  If you know what I mean.  I remember watching a earlly video of your maybe a year ago and thought.  Wow.  Someone on you tube is on that same eating plan as me and trains just as much.  How would ya be…….  Your great .

  6. I was listening to , Super Human Radio , and they said on there that Cancers fuel source is Glucose , evidently Cancer suffers can give their Cancer a hard time by using the Ketogenic Diet , that doesn't mean its a cure but it gives Cancer a good kick in the nuts and helps make any Medical intervention more effective

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