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My thoughts on the usefulness (uselessness?) of a cyclical ketogenic approach utilizing carb refeeds and my opinion on a far better approach to cycling carbohydrates into a healthy sustainable lifestyle. HINT: Vitamin D, produced in the highest amounts during sun exposure in long light cycles, LOWERS blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity – what a coincidence that this is the time that carbohydrates are naturally available.



  1. It makes a lot of sense to me that humans evolved two metabolisms to survive the differences in the macros of food supply and also activity in winter vs summer, at least for non-nomadic peoples that didn't follow the herds South in winter. In summer hunting was better and sweet fruit and salad was available, and in winter maybe people relied more on stores of nuts, dried foods, grains (after agriculture became a thing) and root vegetables. It would have been in our interests as a species to evolve a way to burn as little fat as possible, use up food stores slowly and wait the scarcity out. Balance is important and I'm still thinking about this idea, but since in the first world here we have the privilege that we can eat like it's summer all year round, I'm not sure why it would be a bad thing, health-wise.

  2. Thanks for posting this information. I really enjoy watching your videos and they have provided me with some good info throughout my keto journey. Namaste!

  3. hello! I've been on a very clean strict keto diet for 4 months now and i have seen amazing results. I ONLY eat about 20g carbs a day total that is from spinach, peanut butter and sunflower seeds. I have done alot of research but i want to know how will the body use ketones for energy if im still supplying it with 20g carbs. wont that build p as glycogen?

  4. below 20grams carbs a day for 3days.. keto magic starts to grow..but overeating in keto diet doesn't even make fat..Perhaps mct oil is the best oil for keto diets,..but one thing thats certain is you cant build muscle on keto diet..high fat & moderate protein doesn't come handy when sufficient nutrition is required to buid muscle..

  5. awesome video buddy! loved it. Is caffeine ok? like just one cup of black French pressed coffee preworkout and that's it. then rest of the day just water and maybe some herbal or green tea?

  6. Iv been on strict keto for a month and a half and I train very hard. My performance in the gym has greatly suffered I have went down in weigh lifting in my back and everything else has stayed the same but reps are lowering do would you recommend me to cycle.

  7. How would you suggest someone to bulk on keto then. I also read that taking 50g of carbs from say pure maple syrup before a workout helps with the energy loss. So if I wanted to bulk on keto would I need to increase my fats and increase my protein a little more to about 150g? I did keto to drop from 190-180 and bulked hard on carbs. Got super fat. Hated it. Tried to get back on keto, had bad diahrrea for 3 days straight, gave up. Researched that I'm losing mad electrolytes. So i bought Mio Sport and some half salt, is that a good source for my loss of Electrolytes and most likely the cause of my diahrrea?

  8. A crucial point to a carb refeed is eating as lil fat as possible on that day. Fructose sugars are to be avoided, as well as breads. Carbs like rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa is ideal… but the key is NO fats on that day. Everyone I have seen do the diet in this approach has had amazing results of losing fat while actually improving their blood work. Of course, I know not everyone will respond the same. Good video none the less, thanks.

  9. hey when doing keto does your fats need to be the highest? I heard to intake 1gram of protein per body weight which would put my fats lower then my protein. any information would help thanks

  10. Hey Tristan my name is Matt, I started keto 3 weeks ago and I feel great except for the times when I feel depleted but i'm sure that will eventually pass. I have watched many of your videos and in a way I have made you my mentor, I do my best with the knowledge I absorb from you. I was hoping you could touch on a subject in one of your next videos, which is "net carbs". I have been counting my carbs without acknowledging the dietary fiber, and I just wanted your take on if it's worth counting net carbs or just stick to counting the carbs without the dietary fiber deduction. Thank you so much I love your channel and watch your videos everyday now when I exercise.

  11. Hey Tristan, I wanted to point out that Dr. Mauro was very adamant about the Anabolic Diet (aka the Anabolic Solution and Metabolic Diet) not being CKD. I put a quote from an interview with him below.

    "When I wrote the Anabolic Diet, I wasn't trying to present an academic hypothesis. I wanted to write about something that would work. These days, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on ketosis, but it's all pretty useless. Staying in a ketogenic state basically means that you haven't adapted to the diet. If ketones are being excreted in the urine (which is how you determine ketosis) by using "keto-sticks," then you're not utilizing ketones for energy very efficiently. Someone who is optimally using fat for fuel should not have ketones in their urine."

    That being said! I appreciate you talking about the topic. You can see my post on your "Anabolic Diet" video for my history on AD. It's been great for me for years. I will say that the cravings you're talking about do not occur with me. By the time my carb load is over (12-24hrs)… I hate carbs and my body begs for high fat.

  12. Cyclical is a nightmare for me. it happened several times with medications and vitamins that contained Corn starch and Rice starch. Another thing that caused me big problems was cheese. All of these caused me to go in and out of Ketosis every few days and in a state of feeling starved to where I could not sleep well . This went on for two months until I figured out the triggers. I would never recommend it.

  13. I may have missed you say it, but are you ketogenic all year round?

    Edit: I heard you recommend a "seasonal" ketogenic diet over a weekly cyclical one, but do you do that yourself?

  14. Hey Tristan, yup I totally agree, it's a recipe for disaster. I was just wondering where are you in these videos, cause it's so beautiful the landscape? Great information. Thanks.

  15. Tristan what do you recommend for a 212pound bodybuilder at 17%bf ?? mixed info out there….. higher protein….lower protein…. refeeds…. no refeeds…iv always got down to contest shape via BRO Splits low fat and low carbs but is is short lived. i am looking for a new way that dosnt make me feel like shit… but still works..?? will a higher level of protein knock you out of ketosis… will refeeds slow fat loss??… whats you thoughts ??.. what are your thoughts on the stake and eggs diet.. that is high protein high fat but said to work wonders….

  16. SPOT ON!!!!My gosh not everyone is the athlete or body builder doing Keto. I just wonder the percentages of people that truly benefit from this WOE or these carbed up refeeds? Me, older woman with medical challenges….zero benefit. Now talk about higher carb(quality) during their growing season is so beneficial.  I am totally benefiting from this seasonal change. MS seems not to be affected (bad way)by the higher quality carbs on a consistant daily level. Net formulation works  beautifully and as well I press it with staying close to 50 net carbs. I still test lower on Ketonoes, but holding my own in remission. My fats naturally are lower as well. Weight stays the same, which I am OK with. I believe any of these changes take time with natural healing and benefiting from these seasonal foods. So I am a chubby 59 year old grandmother with 20 pounds of extra weight. LOL

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