Ketopet ( is one of the world’s leaders in using ketogenic diets and metabolic therapeutics to help pets with cancer and other diseases. This video is part of a debate featuring Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of “The New Atkins For A New You.” Dr. Westman practices and teaches at Duke and is not an employee of Atkins. He is, however, one of the leaders of ketogenic diets and the metabolic theory of cancer movement. This video discusses how the ketogenic diet can be used to treat and maybe someday even prevent some forms of cancer.


31 Replies to “Eric Westman’s UAB Ketogenic Diet Seminar”

  1. I love Ketoginic I'll never go back ! Off 2 blood pressure pill at 41 was told I'd be on the rest of my life wrong ! Thyroid pill too and in 2011 I have gotten leukemia " I was so sick ' had no energy life was not good ! But now I feel like a person again " I sleep like I'm 20 at 56 I have all the energy need ! I'm down on 1/2 of my leukemia meds & blood work is good " each day I get better & better !!!!!! Oh one side effect you my lose weight " i'v lose 40 lbs since August 2015 sweet !!!

  2. 6 weeks ketogenic diet. Eliminated over 200 insulin injection with better glucose control with both short and long term insulin. I'm also losing some weight at the same time. 

  3. Canola oil if you love eating Round-up and destroying your metabolism. Cancer serves a critical role in encapsulating free radical damage from hydrogenated, trans fat oils like soy, corn, vegetable, etc. By just using sugar for fuel these already rancid (deodorized) oils get trapped because you are not metabolizing fat with any frequency. When you switch to a ketogenic diet, it is usually with a higher quality pastured non-grain fed animal based diet and/or coconut oil. Now that you are REPLACING fat, the bad aka heart-healthy fat can be metabolized. The stored rancid fat and any toxins they have been accumulating can now exit the body. The cancer (cells that alter their metabolism to anaerobically digest toxins) is no longer required for survival. The reason cancer is viewed so negatively is that it is a slow process and is forced to grow or spread to more and more free radicals and other toxins that are ingested, inhaled or directly absorbed into the skin. Of course, saturated fat act as an anti-oxidant and avoiding it makes the need for cancer even greater to try to contain the real problem.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Westman for being so courageous, so smart, and so right!!  I bought your books, watched all of your videos and put myself on a LCHF diet and guess what?  I lost 25 pounds, have no more arthritis, my HDL-C is 113 and my triglycerides are at 48 mg/dL!!!   You, Dr. Phinney, Dr. Volek, Dr. Eades, Dr. Attia, Professor Noakes, Dr. Cambell-McBride, and Gary Taubes have changed the health of my entire family!!  All the grandparents are getting off their meds, our kids are taller than we are now and everybody is happy eating their butter, bacon, eggs, steaks, and salmon!  It was the sugar driving the hypertension, the gout, the diabetes, the cancer and the memory loss!  You are our hero!!  We will be forever grateful.

  5. Two most common types of posts on videos like this. People who have tried it without any preconceptions and find out that it actually works and it changes their lives. And then the vegans or "body builders" who deny it and say its not science or say they did it before and it almost killed them yadayadayda bullshit. You don't loose anything because you were wrong, it's ok, do whatever you feel is right.

  6. I think that studies are interesting but knowing that our pre-agricultural ancestors were eating a fat based diet was enough for me to get started on this diet. 

  7. It amazes me just how much people will distort the facts to prove a point.  Our ancestors where supposed to be meat eaters extraudinaire etc etc.   Yet there is no real proof of any of that outside what historians believe.  In fact new evidence suggests that is not the case at all.  Survival was a result of our willingness to be social and our ability to adapt.  Why is this caveman persona even relevant when you have 7 Billion test subjects in front of us.   People are doing three week studies on thirteen people and calling it proof.  We have to rely on that?  I like the fact that we now know so much more than did just 7 years ago about the energy pathways.   This is science.   How do things function and how do we promote the function in a positive manner.   Anything man has done with food to make it "better" has been proven to be the worst thing for us.   Hydrogenated fat.  Sugar.  Food additives.    It does not matter what man tries to change it turns out to be bad.   Now we are in the GMO debate.   We simply need to say enough of this fixation on food and adopt one rule – if it aint a whole food don' eat it.  If you do that the grocery store will stock whole foods.  Want orange juice – eat an orange.  If you do you will like it.  If you go to the store and pretend you are eating the healthy food by drinking some juice you obviously don't get it.   If you are like me you are confused by all of these complete opposite opinions and tests that seem to prove it – you need to close your eyes and just ask yourself what is true – whole foods or vitamins and junk food?     Atkins ran a cancer clinic because he believed that the high fat diet was the answer and he closed it down because he achieved nothing – not one cure – lots of promises for three week studies but no lasting or quantifiable benefits associated with the diet when it came to cancer.  Another diet had far more success and it was high carb.  If society got rid of sugar and refined flour and people ate nothing but whole foods we would solve most o of the problems we have today.  That has been proven over and over again.   We don't want to do anything.  Go to the grocery store and get real food.  Cook it and eat it.  It takes an hour out of each day.  Maybe even an hour and half.  That is just one hour out of the three you spend watching TV.  I have come to realize that this is the cause of all of my health issues.   That and no exercise to speak of.   We as a society have to get off our fat asses and do something.  We get into the habit of doing nothing and then we complain about what other people are doing to our food and so on. The other 25% are at the gym running on the spot for hours every week to get fit and they don't grow a garden and they don't want to.  You can't go for walk or a bike ride with them because it is a competition.  They refuse to buy local produce because it costs too much.   In my neighborhood you can't install a clothes line on the property.   Life is a contradiction today.  Global warming – live in house that is two sizes to big – import food from 4000 miles away – drink water out of a bottle that is trucked from Ontario – and then complain about pollution and CO2.   In my neighborhood there are even people who heat their driveway so they dont have to shovel snow before they go to the gym.  I and all of you have to wake up and live.  That is my plan now.  Hope it is't too late. 

  8. Certainly, Dr. Westman is coming across more as an objective scientist. Campbell is coming across as a zealot with an agenda to push. I'll take Westman's RCTs over Campbell's pile of correlational data any day. Anyone who understands and appreciates the scientific method would do the same.

  9. in reply to tom byers glycogen is not a hormone it is better described as a complex fuel substrate.  The liver stores about 100 grams which can be broken down to supply glucose to the blood and used anywhere in the body.  The skeletal muscles all have their own supply of glycogen which can only be used at the storage location.  Athletic people lean towards the practice of consuming more carbs after high exertion levels to replenish the glycogen.  When the glycogen levels are low consumption of carbs/sugars acts differently inside our bodies.  As I understand it the blood sugar does not spike nor does the insulin, that is until the glycogen sores are replenished.  So if you are going to cheat (make poor dietary choices) then do it after vigorous workouts.

  10. 13:09 – 13:36  "A calorie is not a calorie inside the animal body or inside the
    human body."  In this age of so many incorrect food myths and teachings,
    I'm thankful to have educators who are sharing what the reserch is showing,
    rather than pushing some of the old food/diets myths that obviously aren't working. 
    It's susprising to see how much of this "new" info is coming out, considering some it's been around for years ( refer to the 07:34 mark for the 1923 study).  Thanks for posting this video. Look forward to seeing more like it.

  11. the younger keto diet gurus, the body builder workout exercise lose weight dudes speak in favor of "cheater days" where you carb up and refil your glycogen horemone to keep your metabolism rate up, but then quickly revert to strict carb counting diet.

  12. You can eat keto in restaurants and even fast food places. Order the double bacon cheese burger and diet coke. Don't order the fries and throw away the buns. At a restaurant, eat steak or grilled fish or chicken, eat the salad and the veggies. Don't eat any bread, potatoes or deserts. Simple. 

  13. He uses sugar free and a few berries have very little carbs. Keeping under 20g of carbs per day is the key. Although that's probably not the best choice. I use cream in my coffee and eat bits of cheese and that takes up my 20g of carbs for the day.

  14. In 1975, I was talked into switching to the Paleo Diet, "to get bigger & stronger"; ten months ago, at age 50, I almost died from Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, Gout and Prostate Issues.
    I switched to VEGAN (no salt, no oil), lost 130 lbs and have completely reversed or cured ALL of the above Diseases and Issues.

  15. Im surprised to see sugar free yogurt and berry slices on the breakfast menu for the low carb ketogenic diet at 3:25. I thought yogurt was too much like milk and berries had too much sugar. Can anyone explain why he'd make those available?

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  17. Yeah, it's not easy, but you get used to it. I was struggling for the first month, but now it's much easier. I feel a hell of a lot better, lost a lot of weight (i wasn't huge, but now i'm fit $ slim :)) Plus i'm not hungry as fuck all the time. Ketogenic nutrition has been the greatest discovery for me. I highly recommend it to You and everybody else.

  18. literally what the fuck are you saying? why are you making all of these assumptions about me…? why is your grammar awful? What is my sickness? im not saying this diet is bad or doesn't work its just hard to follow in our culture.

  19. no, that aint. u can still enjoy + go out w/ your gf or buddies WITHOUT dealing w/carbs in it. in fact lots of people do these days. by choosing a way of living thats not "general(in your term)" , will make our lives more unique and enjoyable. as long as u r not hurting anyone. BUT, your sickness is everyone's problem today, because the health care cost, etc. you may think its your body and your life, but that mindset is outa dated. 

  20. do you even understand what im saying? im saying he must not go out alot because in our culture eating a big part and generally anywhere you go and order/make a meal there is going to be a significant amount of carbohydrates in it.

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