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KETOSHRED is a Vlog series including Working Out / Meals / Full Day Of Eating / Day In The Life of Merijn Schoeber ( Student Aesthetics ) / ISSA Certified Personal Trainer / Student / Bodybuilder / Online Personal Trainer


24 Replies to “HOLY CARBS Refeed Day – Cyclical Ketogenic Diet | VLOG #5”

  1. I am just as much excited on my refeed days as you are mate after my 14 days of strict keto haha
    good video keep up the good work and best of luck with your fitness goals.

  2. Hi! So I'm trying to lose weight and have been on keto for 2 months, dropped 25 lbs, but now am at a standstill, should I take a refeed day? Will I get sick? I haven't had any bad carbs in 2 months, I don't want to drop out of ketosis. Please advise.

  3. How did your keto diet go? Was wondering if you got shredded from this diet. I'm on my first week still & deciding if I should just go a month in keto before adding a refeed day.

  4. why is it when i do my refeed my face gets supper red?? like instantly red! i did a week at zero carbs and yesterday i started off with i hop and had pancakes and people were telling me i was getting bright red. it kinda freaked me out bro. do u know why? thanks bro i appreciate your videos

  5. great vid!..I'm trying to find info on when to have a refeed day…if I start the keto diet for the first time on a Monday and train super hard all week can I refeed on the Saturday or do I have to wait 2 weeks like you did? thanks

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