What type, amount and timing on the ketogenic diet,
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34 Replies to “HOW TO EAT CARBS on the ketogenic diet.”

  1. Great vid, Steph! Thank you <3
    On the subject of carbs and sweet things, what do you think about high quality stevia extract, like Sweet Leaf stevia – do you think the sweet taste increases insulin? I use it quite a lot (daily) in an otherwise whole food keto diet and wondering what your opinion on it is? 🙂 Cheers in advance!

  2. very inspiring…started keto few days ago inspired by this lady. first positive thing is that I already sleep much better…negative one is that I had a bad breath yesterday and kind of bitter taste in my mouth but it's gone today

  3. I am a pastry chef and baker and am currently in week two of the keto diet.  As a chef, I must taste all my recipes.  I only taste and then spit everything out into a trashcan.  Just wondering what percentage of the carbs my body is absorbing in the mouth when I chew. People make fun of me for this by the way, calling me borderline bulemic.  Oh well.  I feel better than they do :)

  4. Hey Stephanie, I'm trying to do keto lifestyle to the best of my abilities. I take a liquid chlorophyll supplement that contains glycerin, how many grams of sugar does a tbsp of glycerin contain? I may have to stick avacado and salads instead. My take was that if I ate enough greens while trying to keto adapt I would be getting enuf magnesium and potassium to lesson the symptoms of the keto flu. Am I correct in this approach?

  5. I would say nice arms, for a girl, but your triceps are monstrous compared to mine! Love how you're not afraid to show "the business". I’m pushing 40 (average build), but I have a tough time putting on muscle. I want more on the arms, but I don’t seem to have enough energy and don’t get much definition lifting. Could you show some bicep routines? Also, do you recommend Creatine?
    Great videos!

  6. At 4:15 you mention "prostate pushing on your bladder".  I think I have this and have been eating low carb for about a month.  I have lost 12 lbs and feel better.  Can you provide any references to losing fat being helpful to prostate problems?

  7. I am new to Keto diet and pretty new to YouTube, which I really love, I just wanted to thank you for these nice videos. Go girl– you do look good, and indeed healthy! Plus your entertaining to listen to especially watching your MA moves and thanks again for the good sense help to guide me thru the beginning of this, what I  believe to be for sure, super way to nutrition. It only took one look in my refrigerator to realize what a carb addict I was: watermelon, mango, breads up the bum and organic whole wheat of course, juices, veggies and the list goes on and I AM HUNGRY with energy fluctuations and not tone to my satisfaction???  My advise to you keep study and keep teaching.

  8. glad that u pointed out the "(saccharide)=(total carb) – (fiber)" thing. technically what makes insulin respond is the "saccharide" but not fiber part of the total carb. i think this fact makes many people confused and still unknown to many. like seaweeds, they are actually very "high" in carb, but mainly its just fiber. so it wont spike insulin at all. isn't there any sites (/books) where u can look up how much of "fiber" of "total carb" of the food u eat in the states at all? cuz we have them here in japan.

  9. Also, what have you got against RESISTANT STARCH? I mean, it's the business y'all !.. It doesn't get digested by your small intestine so won't knock you out of ketosis, the good bacteria in your large intestine thrive on it and reproduce like rabbits, they then produce butyrate which heals and protects the colon (RS produces more butyrate than any fiber or prebiotic) and it helps to create mucus which keeps things moving.. WIN WIN WIN WIN… Get on the RS bus Gus:)

  10. I love your energy.. but why aren't you constipated and sluggish.. your colon needs way more carbs than your prescribing to create mucus so everything slips slides along (RS is good:)).. In theory, you should be constipated and bloated as a fuddermudder, but you're not!?!.. And where is the Irish influence from:)? You're always saying SHITE and ARSE:) I'm not complaining btw, it cracks me up, a cool Cali skateboarder "chick" using Irish cuss-words:)

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