Jimmy Moore runs a hugely popular US based website livinlavidalowcarb.com

Jimmy is one of those warm, passionate personalities who knows a lot about living low carb. He has compiled a great resource of blogs and podcasts (over 600!) with all the leaders in the low carb field.

In this seminar Jimmy discusses nutritional ketosis

For more information visit http://livinlavidalowcarb.com


45 Replies to “Jimmy Moore – ‘Nutritional Ketosis’”

  1. lmao i heard this guy for the first time on Body.io FM, John Kiefers podcast. Its funny his video popped up. He looks pretty much like i thought hed look like just by hearing him on the podcast

  2. Beautiful golden-orange yolks in eggs are available in the States, from your local farmer or farmer's market.  Ditto for super-thick cream, fresh or sour.  Look for someone with Jersey, Devon, Ayrshire or other heritage dairy breed, feeding them on 100% pasture /forage.

  3. Grassfed lamb, pasture raised ducks, and geese (which can be raised on 100% pasture) are other great meats for the Paleo, Low Carb, or Keto diets.  For that matter, pork is best raised outdoors on pasture, acorns, etc but they also need some animal protein, like whey left over from cheesemaking.

  4. Your take on protein should be based on your LEAN MASS and typical "bro science" is misleading with the whole 1 gram per lb of body weight. If you look at numerous studies it's less. If course fats are going to be the key on ketosis, they are the primary energy source. Gluconeogenesis is not ketosis. Meat = muscle and muscle has glycogen stores. When you eat meat you are ingesting that glycogen, and yes like you said in your video the body converts protein to glucose via Gluconeogenesis. So before anything your macro nutrient intake needs to be correct. It's kind of a no brainer.

  5. The fact that people are still debating this topic in this day and age tells you how filthy and corrupt the modern food and drug industry is. EVERYONE I know who try's this way of eating shreds weight, feels better and doesn't have to spend 40 hours a week in the gym. Drug companies don't want you to know you can reverse your diabetes naturally in 4 weeks with a simple diet, they'd rather you consume their pills the rest of your life. There is more money to be made by keeping people sick then showing them what foods to eat to stay healthy.

  6. Same old story over and over again. Posts that are full of brainless morons that attempt to vilify people that are trying to help others as well as themselves. It is very easy to pick them out. Many of them cannot even spell Basic English words. They rant and rave and show their ignorance by what they state and never come up with the smallest amount of evidence to prove their pathetic statements.     Lose. To lose something.       Loose. As in, my belt has come loose.  ??? Got it?

  7. @Mathew Messer…In the first place you have no clue what a Keto Diet consists of if you did you wouldn't be saying that I don't eat "real" food. I get plenty of vegetables in my diet on a daily basis so your comment just shows you don't know jack about Keto. I eat moderate protein not high protein and I get high fat because that's what our brains need and I get tons of carbs in the form of veggie steamed, raw and fermented. So please do not comment on my healing when you do not know what I eat. THX! 

  8. He lost 80 kg, starving himself, he lost weight because ketogenic diet is pretty restrictive, you have to eat real food to fool the body into ketosis, he got healthyer because he stopped eating the pounds of processed junk he stuffed in his face for years, now hes trying to sell the carbs are evil bullshit, seriously, look at him, still out of shape his waste is twice the size of his shoulders. START EATING REAL FOOD INCLUDING GOOD QUALITY MEAT/FRUITS/VEGETABLES/DAIRY/EGGS. QUIT THE JUNK.

  9. @rawgardening if you don't like the video or even watched the entire thing then click off and keep your misinformed comments to yourself! This way of eating has healed many many people including myself! I ate your way for a year and almost got put in the hospital! So keep your cult raw food dogma to yourself!! 

  10. Great diet if you are fat, but not so great if you are thin and not craving food every waking hour. The biggest no-no is juggling multiple diets at the same time. That's what the bulk of the population does unknowingly.

  11. The problem with the low carb crew, is that they dont differentiate between healthy carb scources wich has been arround for thousands of years, such as fruits, vegetables, starches, and whole grains, beens legumes. I dont get why people like Jimmy Moore who has been eating junk food for decades, think that its the Carbs they ate are the problem, not that they werent eating real food.

  12. Typical ignorant point off view. There are basically 3 Different metabolic types. Some people like yourself can consume those levels of carbohydrate If I was to consume that type off diet I would become obese and I know because I have been there. You are very lucky and should count your blessings. You are a carb type I am a Protein type. I have lost 20 kgs on this system and all my blood  levels have improved. this Diet does not suit all people as yours does not either. So don't be ignorant and recognise other points of view.

  13. That's the beauty of being vegan—no testing strips to prove we're healthy. Just our high energy and thin waists/lean frames.

    In additional, Jimmy always look on the chubby side. You may say that's unfair to "attack" his weight. But it's not considering he peaches the awes and benefits of low carb for weight loss and health, yet after years of doing this to his body he still doesn't look that great.

  14. My diet consists of nothing but bagels, pasta, potatoes, white rice, white bread and an occasional banana or a green vegetable.  I also drink 4-5 liters of pepsi/coke/orange fanta every day.  I am very thin and am in excellent health.  If I even look at a pat of butter I will gain weight.  Eating fat makes you fat.  Eating sugar is the way we evolved to eat.  Just look at evolution.

  15. Here's what I don't get. Jimbo's "revelation" after his massive weight regain was that too much protein is bad because it spikes insulin. But then you go on his site and he's got all these Quest Bar ads boasting about how much protein they have. Is he not promoting obesity-causing food by his own criteria?

  16. I watched it and couldn't get his physical impression out of my mind while listening.
    At 7m:10s his body profile became even more obvious.
    I will not experiment with a diet that leaves me in such a condition.

  17. Jimmy has serious hormonal issues.  The reason why he can't lose weight has to do with his dysregulated hormones, which are wrecking not only his metabolism but his immune system.  He's been hoodwinked by ketosis proponents and is now following a diet which even his podcast guests are not comfortable with.  This is a new departure for Jimmy.  He's bought the Eskimo ketosis myth hook, line and sinker.  So sad.  He is a good guy.  But so sad to see him go down this road and swallow the lies of the deceptive hucksters that have taken over his diet.  Someone, hurl truth bombs at Jimmy.  He needs a wake up call.

  18. Jimmy Moore is a con artist looking to fleece you out of your money. What does it say that he identifies as "lacto-Paleo" when:

    • Dairy is not part of the Paleo diet, and is even newer to the human diet than grains and beans
    • He hocks things like Leaner Living meal replacement powders and Quest Bars which have dairy, artificial sweeteners, sunflower oil, and soy in them
    • He doesn't believe in evolution, defeating the entire premise of the Paleo diet in the first place

    Obvious explanation is the clown realized there's a lot of money to be made from exploiting the "Paleo" phenomenon.

  19. I think that you will find that most people who are obese or fat and not so do to some kind of hypothamlic disorder, are addicted to pasta, french fries and bread. Their problem is not that they want to eat a steak or a piece of salmon and some avocado every day but a bag of doritos and some twinkies with a can of coke. To say you eat a lot of sugar and starch isn't to say you're eating chips and candy, so that's a bit misleading, also, no one here is going to listen to anything you have to say if your informed reasoning contains insults and no logic or proof. I don't think anyone is saying that fruits and vegetables are bad. There are a few studies that you should look into, unless your beliefs about what to eat are religious in nature, you should be open to new information, especially when they are performed by scientists and doctors who are coming from a place of objectivity. Duke University has been doing an ongoing study since 2004 that is very interesting. Also in 2008 Stanford did a study that was shocking to the lead researcher since he is a vegetarian. All available on Youtube.

  20. I couldnt watch the video past 3 min. This low carb crap is unhealthy. I eat 80 % carbs…. fruits and starches. I'm thin and eat over 3000 calories a day. I am happy to compare blood work to these ill informed high fat people…who are mostly FAT!

  21. Excellent presentation.  I've been LCHF for a couple of years now.  After the initial fat loss (I wear 30" waist size pants now) I kept it up because it is such a satisfying way to eat.  I gradually worked into intermittent fasting, so that I now eat just one meal a day.  I don't snack my way to dinner either. 

    This is more than just about obesity.  The health and longevity benefits of calorie restriction and fasting have been known for a long time, but the natural medicine practicioners who promoted fasting back in the day didn't fully understand the mechanisms of glucose, fat, and ketone metabolism.  They got results then, and now we know why.  Fasting limits glucose and forces the body to burn previously stored fat and ketones.  Transitioning to a high fat diet acts like a natural appetite suppressant, stabilizes blood sugars, and makes calorie restriction a breeze.  A calorie restricted ketogenic diet defies conventional wisdom, but you have to ask, just how well is conventional wisdom working out for us?

    The current science on the role of cellular mitochondria in chronic illness is progressing rapidly.  People with an open mind now have an incredible wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. 

  22. i dont know what "paleo diet" you were on in 1975 but as you can see, it has changed dramatically with more research and variations on the diet that are available.
    so stop spreading your propaganda. i've seen you on other videos now pretty much saying the same thing over and over again. we get it. you are a vegan so you prefer the vegan diet and a keto/low carb is an affront to your preferred choice.
    now back off. 

  23. In 1975, I was talked into switching from my Vegan life style to the new Paleo Diet, "to get bigger & stronger"; ten months ago, at age 50, I almost died from Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Gout and Prostate Issues.
    I switched back to VEGAN (no salt, no oil) and have completely reversed or cured ALL of the above Diseases and Issues.
    The Starch Solution
    Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

  24. Moderate Carb intake for people such as myself increase insulin to a high level. I was becoming borderline diabetic and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I declined and chose to reduce my carbs, now my A1C is 5.3 and my Doctor does not understand how this is possible by carb reduction.
    I'm also down 70 Lbs. I knew this would work because 30 years ago I lost weight doing the low carb intake.
    Carbs are literally death for some of us. I see several improvements but no room left to list them

  25. "the nice thing about carbs is that the body has it's mechanisms to tell you that you're running low, and too much isn't possible."

    I laughed at that. The reason there's so many people are fat and bloated nowadays is because of carbs, so it's obviously pretty easy to overeat.

  26. I still don't understand why he just doesn't eat high carb and not having to deal with the hassle of finding the right amount. the nice thing about carbs is that the body has it's mechanisms to tell you that you're running low, and too much isn't possible. It's hard to overeat with high carb, low fat.
    you also avoid the possible problems you can run into with ketosis, like sudden kidney failure.

  27. Did you watch the video? He is not doing the same thing. He realized he was not eating enough fat and has changed his diet now.

    Low carb means you need to have high fat to compensate with adequate protein.

    What he is doing is smart, he found the problem and has made the necessary changes to succeed.

  28. I've been doing nutritional ketosis getting about 3 mg/dl of ketones, and up to 7 mg/dl if I eat less protein. I've been doing it for about two months and noticed no fat loss. I estimate I gained about 20 pounds of excess fat when I went from 110 to 130 a few years ago. I want to undo that fat gain, because I was lean then. I'm wondering if nutritional ketosis by itself won't do anything by itself for a person like me. My next step is to combine it with a four day split strength training.

  29. Great talk! I've been in NK for about 45 days now and I feel so great! "I'm super energetic and, for the first time ever not thinking about food much. I was pleased to hear you talk about the fasting just coming naturally, as that is what has happened to me. I've been trying to eat twice a day, but often only eat once because I'm just not hungry. Do you think there's any reason to try to hit some calorie minimum? Like, if I feel like only having 900 cals for days on end, is that okay?

  30. Losing weight on LC means nothing if the best you can do is to go from morbidly obese to obese. You want the entire excess weight to come off. Since JM has been doing LC for 9 years with tons of ups/downs, clearly the approach is not working well as he still obese. Taking advice from JM is like taking smoking cessation advice from a chain smoker who went from 3 packs a day to 2 packs a day.

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