It is Important to modify in the first stage of your keto adaptation
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –


10 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding while keto adapting”

  1. XGames women's street skaters killed it today, someone tell Steph she should start a female skate team brand, like Rob Dyrdek with DC / SLS. Steph so dope in so many areas, doing everything herself, if I were her business adviser, we could rule the world.

  2. I have pcos and just fond out the because of it I am borderline diabetic will this be good for me to do to get healthier and I am sleepy all the time. thanks. if so what foods r good .

  3. hey Stephanie, I've been a long time fan. I've been doing keto for about 9 months now ( no breaking) and I've been following your tips and doing great, eating well, working out ( time under tension), sleeping like baby ( and haven't used an alarm for 3 months now). I want to get my boyfriend into it. but he is type 1 diabetic and really overweight. Is there a way to modify it for him? we both work stress jobs, but I've learned to calm down and melow with keto.

  4. Steph you rock! So glad you are home safe. I appreciate your videos and your message and your delivery of it. I'm grateful to have found your channel. What you have to say has been very challenging to hear sometimes. Your message has helped keep me focused and strong in my change of diet over the past 5 months. Thank you!!!!!!

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