Here is the specific glucometer that I use and is show in the video:

How to test your blood sugar and ketones using a glucometer. The basics on testing for ketones, the ranges and results you want, and why with Ketogenic girl! My Advanced Keto Meal Plans & Coaching:

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Ketogenic diets may not be safe for everyone, especially certain diabetics. Always do your own research and consult your physician before trying any new dietary protocols.

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35 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet: How to Test for Ketones 101”

  1. oh… why the music? I can barely hear you and when i can I can't concentrate on what you're saying because it's soooo distracting.
    But i love all your other videos and thanks for making one about the glucometer.

  2. Great video, thanks, KetogenicGirl. I've been only testing bg recently and going to try testing for bhb soon. Awesome stuff. Ketone test strips are darn expensive, aren't they!

  3. Hello, I have just brought a glucometer, are the keto blood strips re-usable? the strips are really expensive here £1 each … not great if you are testing a few times a day. thanks x

  4. it's really strange I have done that phenomenon according to Jimmy. I wake up and sometimes my sugar is 107 114 etc after I eat my first low carb meal my sugar can drop into the seventies and eighties. I have never been a type 2 so that's really odd. I'm using my ketones because my level is in the ones I did hear from dr. Westman that once you are utilizing the key tones properly you might not have as high of a reading as you did

  5. Hi and thank you for this info! I came across your video while looking for information about what my glucose number should be. I just received my glucose/ketone meter today. I was nervous about sticking myself too. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I just did my test (I couldn't wait until the morning lol) my numbers were 81 and 3.5. I've been in ketosis for several weeks, but was relying on ketostix but read that they were less reliable. Would you say that I am keto-adapted at this point? I've read that when you're keto-adapted (or fat-adapted as some say) that you can go longer between meals and have a great energy burst. I really don't feel like I'm quite to that point.

  6. Thanks for the video. I did my first ketone test today after work, maybe 10-15 grams of carbs for the day. Been LCHF on and off for 2 years. My ketones were 1.7mmol/l and Blood Glucose 4.1mmol/l ( 74 on other scale). Been pretty strict around 80% calories from fat the last 3 weeks. Seems I have some adaptation to do, but in ketosis much of the day I guess.

  7. Hard to hear you over the music.
    Thanks anyway, Couldn't see if the black strips on the strip goes up or down when putting it in the tester. Couldn't see that either. guess I should read the directions.

  8. Should I take readings in the morning and at night, or is only in the morning enough?
    Also, is it possible to have low ketones even though your glucose is below 90?
    I'm having a hard time finding the ketone test strips for my glucometer (I've ordered them already, but it's taking forever to arrive), and although I have ketosticks, I don't really believe them lol
    According to them I'm in ketosis since day 3, but I didn't really feel any of the symptoms besides weird smelling sweat and urine. The strange smell is mostly gone now, but I didn't feel any weakness, severe cravings nor the thing that made me go keto, the mental clarity! I feel great physically, but I really, really wanted to feel that mental clarity everyone talks about as well! 🙁
    Also, on my first week I lost 3.7 pounds, but then I gained 0.8 back last week :(

  9. Good but should wash with soap and water if you are worried about being sterile with lancing. Most health professionals will tell you that using alcohol skews your blood readings. The inclusion of alcohol pads in any meter kit is ironic.

  10. Hi KetoGirl! How much does the meter cost, and how much do the strips cost? Because I saw the strips are like $60 for 50? That's 120$ for both ketones and glucose? 🙁 for only 50 days.. That's expensive.

  11. Id be pretty scared to prick my finger as well, so Ive been using ketostix's but I want to get one of these to accurately test my ketone levels. Have you experienced headaches from a result of low ketone levels, I experience several headaches on keto, but havnt been able determine the cause. Ive been keto adapted for about 3 months, headaches are less frequent now so might just of been the adaption phase.

  12. it's sad to see people go throught the keto-flu for weight loss,. Dr. John Mcdougall has put thousand of patients on a high carb starch diet and they all have lost tons of weight. Even Dr Atkins , the famous ketogenic doctor admitted in a radio interview with dr John Mcdougall that a high carb diet centered on starch can also produce weight loss. So if Dr Atkins himself can recognize that a vegan high carb whole foods diet can make people lose weight, why would any of you participate in the cruel unnecesary slaughter of innocent animals? Animals don't deserve what you're doing to them. People who get fat on a high carb diet is because they're eating simple carbs, horrible carbs like doritos, donuts, cookies, white bread, white rice, and alot of of these carbs have dairy and eggs. But people who went on a high carb McDougall diet don't ever experience the horrible stuff you encounter on the first weeks in ketosis : brain fog, weakness, diahrrea, vomit, confusion, bad breath, bad mood .

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