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Wow it’s been a while! I actually shot this video last week but finally had the chance to upload it. Haha.. I got a little busy again but I hope I can do videos more often! I also added shots of my before and after photos – honestly, more like Before and CURRENT photos! I want to lose about 40-50 more lbs (give or take 10-15lbs of muscle).

Thank you for watching and feel free to visit me on my social media accounts (I’m pretty active on instagram!)

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18 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet – Week 20 – Before and After Pictures”

  1. of course "regular" doctor is going to say one can't reverse (get rid of) diabetes… remission??? conventional doctors can be so silly… say anything to keep patients coming back for moor meds… taking insulin for "diabetes" is contrary to keto, yes??? insulin helps make you fat… it's like fighting a losing battle. You are on a fantastic eating style for getting rid of diabetes… there are mega videos on youTube with non-conventional doctors and dietitians speaking on the the keto lifestyle… thankhz so much for sharing… Wholeness n Love ((-;

  2. amazing results! I recently started keto. I got kind of scared when I checked my blood Sugar the other day it was at 56 so I ate a quest bar to bump my blood sugar as a precaution since mine has never been that low.

  3. Hi keto mom, this is a choice to do this, why do people go on and on about not making a video?%$#@! you are NOT required to make a video! you have my permission to do it when you want to.

  4. I'm just starting out on the keto diet and I'm sold, but personally for me I wouldn't do the fasting thing. If you eat more frequent every 3-4 hours your metabolism will pick up, + with the high fat content, you probably going to want to space it out more so it's not so hard on your liver. For me it feels better and seems more healthy.

  5. I think the 20/4 is my fav form of IF… I tried the 23/1, but I think its too hard to eat that much food in 1 hour… or Im not that hungry in my feeding window, then 4 hours later im starving. Let us know if you continue the 23/1 or go back to the 20/4

  6. 45 is only deathly low when your body is running on glucosecarbs. If you are a fat burning machine running on fatketones, there is a protective effect. your ketones should be high and bg numbers can be very low and you will be fine.

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