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KETOSHRED is a Vlog series including Working Out / Meals / Full Day Of Eating / Day In The Life of Merijn Schoeber ( Student Aesthetics ) / ISSA Certified Personal Trainer / Student / Bodybuilder / Online Personal Trainer


30 Replies to “Physique Update Week 1, Cyclical Ketogenic Diet EXPLAINED | VLOG #3”

  1. I did a little bit of research about the CKD diet, well.. Pretty interesting, might try it! Can you explain in another video how you do the carb-loading? Would appreciate it!
    Keep going mate!

  2. Hey bro I'm a student and 16 years old almost 17 years old and been training for a year. I went from obese 100kg at 14 to 15 72kg skinny fat at 14%bf and the past year I started lifting and weigh 79kg without putting fat on but my question is should I cut since I'm still skinny fat or continue to lean bulk since I'm a teen just curious man and awesome channel bro keep it up! :)

  3. How did you get over the fear of getting fat when you bulked? That's always my problem I want to keep my bulk very lean. You still look good and have abs and stuff though man so you must be doing it right

  4. +Voleh Feeds DAMN brother, that is way too much, even if you were on steroids. Very stressing on your kidneys too mate. Cut the protein atleast in half, to 180-200 which is probably already too much and up your fats a little bit. Don't be scared to eat 100g of fat per day, and fill up the rest with carbs. Cereal is going to be your best friend 😉 If you have been doing this for some time already, you might want to lower the calories a bit, since your body was definitely not able to use that protein, and its calories efficiently. You might need less calories now.

  5. I'm currently lean bulking, what's your take on me eating 4000 calories with 400g protein, 400g carbs and 87g fat? Too much protein? Just needed some advice, thanks man.

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