Losing body fat on the ketogenic diet. Ketogenic principles explain more clearly..

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  1. Hi Stephanie!-I'm. Loving all your videos thanks so much for giving your information your a gem ­čÖé
    Probably a silly question but is it possible to be in ketosis losing bodyfat nd have a night out drinking once or twice a month -usually vodka with sparkling water and squeeze of lime ? Or does this have to stop all together ? :/´╗┐

  2. Your message is awesome and powerful. Most of the times however I get destructed by your gimmicks which are mostly borderline annoying and just annoying and unnecessary. This puts me off watching some of your videos and I have considered unsubscribing. As a subscriber and a huge fan, I think if you tone your hyper activity down and produce better quality videos your YouTube channel would no doubt flourish and help millions of people who need to hear your message and wisdom. The awesome content in your videos is being hampered by the poor quality presentation and poor videos. This is not a read or shade, I'm just saying;) ´╗┐

  3. One of your BEST videos yet! Thanks for "finally" understanding that people DO want to lose weight and at times feel desperate to do so. I lost 81lbs with a ketogenic diet, but have mostly felt people have little compassion for really understanding the desperation one feels to lose weight, improve health, etc. Hercules, girl!!´╗┐

  4. Exactly… everything in this video is correct. There needs to be more videos telling the differences among keto, paleo, Atkins and low-carb. So dang many people think they are in ketosis because they're using Keto-strips or whatnot and don't understand the real data like using a glucometer.´╗┐

  5. This video is a fake!!! How do I know?? Easy….. Nooooo SIRENS!!!!
    The girl in this video certainly has the Biznis tho. Probly had it airbrushed on.
    Jk Steph! Ur numbah one! I'm in week 3 of keto just off your videos. Gonna book my consult soon as finals are over this week. I gotta tell u, as a failed low carb dieter, keto is miraculous! The fat kills all cravings and provides satiety. I never had that before. And I have plenty of gas in the tank for my workouts. I'm about ten lbs down so far off a one year plateau so I'm very excited about what's to come. I really appreciate your good talk about getting my mind straight and deciding health is better than food porn. You make impeccable sense my sistah. So imma rock dis keto thang however long it takes cause lemme tell ya, if you saw me naked right now, you'd be afraid!!!
    Thanks again, Ms. Business (if that is indeed your real name ;)´╗┐

  6. Hey Shephanie What can I used instead of coconut butter? I never liked the taste, the feel or smell of coconut!!! I used the refined coconut oil because it does not smell!!!´╗┐

  7. Hercules girlfriend! HAHAHAHA

    Watching your videos helped me decide that I want to start eating a ketogenic diet for the rest of my life. Thanks =]´╗┐

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