Natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, about how ketogenic diet can be an excellent approach to cancer treatment.


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  1. I fasted fore 4 days before going on an 18:6 intermittent fast (eat dinner, skip breakfast = 18 hr) and 24 hr fast once/wk (lunch to next day lunch = 24 hr). Before my meals after either 18 hr fast or 24 hr fast my blood glucose meter reading is always "high" 120 mg/dl diabetic range…yet my A1C (last 3 months of blood glucose) and fructosamine (last couple weeks of blood glucose) are normal… Ergo when in ketogenic mode my body is converting the glycerol to glucose (glucogenesis) and keeps my body at a steady BG level…no ups or downs. Plus in keto mode HGH and cortisol levels also increase significantly both of which keep BG high (diabetogenic). Fasting can increase HGH levels 20X in males and 15X in femalses…

  2. 12 weeks now ketogenic and I eliminated all insulin and pills on day 3. I was injecting insulin up to 5 or more times per day. In 12 weeks I've eliminated over 450+ shots to my gut to treat high blood sugars.

    The diet is doable, satisfying and it will greatly control blood sugars and insulin levels simultaneously.  My swings have gone from 55 -300+ with 60 day averages of 155 to 170 using insulin and eating standard diet. With ketogenics my  swings are 90-135 with a 60 day average of 115 without any drugs and eating well…

    There isn't a drug on planet earth that can get better results than I'm experiencing eating this way. It's now a lifestyle change for me and not a diet. Carbohydrates are now on my toxic list.

  3. Wow. This was an amazing interview. There is so much possibility here. Modern research that seeks to understand the biochemistry of food/dietary behaviors that very much mimic that of our ancestors before we learned the technologies and advancements to make food increasingly more available. I am especially grateful for the discussions on how this research is useful in treating disease, rather than just for cosmetic/weightloss purposes. Good looks should be a secondary benefit to good health. Thank you for this. I'm going to follow your research now, Dr. D'Agostino, and perhaps share this video with patients at the clinic where I currently intern (I'm a student of TCM). One of our regular patients has myotonic dystrophy, and a friend of mine has MS. So this will be useful information to them. Thank you.

  4. Jim Pettinato, my great grandma and my grandma too, they ate meats, organs, liver, kidneys, brains, cow tripe, fish, fish soup, marrow soup, butter, cream, lard, fried pork rind, dairy, cheeses, eggs, and vegetables, also baguette. Used raw sugar, and portions were moderate. Grandma said low fat is not good, you need fat to survive. 

  5. Blows your mind doesn't it A PHD student with more sense and knowledge than most "doctors"…….Do they (drug companies and doctors) and (food companies) really want to find a cure for cancers? They are making millions of £,$ out of keeping cancers flourishing.

  6. Brilliant. Fascinating about the ketogenesis and glioblastoma cells. Having lost a brother to glioblastoma brain cancer, I am very intrigued to see where this research goes.

  7. Message for Dr. Agostino: in reference to ur comments regarding Ketogenic + Radiation combination, if this combination therapy proves to be synergistic but u are hesitant towards standard artificial radiation (as I am) I would strongly advise to further study Radiation Hormesis (reference Jay Guiterrez) extremely powerful results with NATURAL Radiation, low dose Radioactive materials from the earth…their radiation therapy has a long track record of (completely safe) and 2. efficacy (extremely efficacious) using local placement of the naturally radioactive stones with astounding results and also they use more powerful Natural Radioactive Stone material submersed in water (with the patient) as water is being utilized as the carrier wave of the radioactive frequencies into the body…ur on the right path as im sure the late Johanna Budwig would attest to…but it truly is almost entirely a metabolic disease- an energy production disease- as is virtually every other chronic disease…this is why- as Nikola Tesla would say-  its all about frequency, sympathetic vibratory physics principles, and most importantly the electron transport chain: ur increased 2 atmospheric oxygen is delivering increased electron flow and i am also assuming that double oxygen is going to get this oxygen into the cell and throw a monkey wrench into the glucose to lactic acid fermentation process- maybe magnesium chloride-cesium chloride would help get it there…the cross membrane MV charge potential should be like neg90 to be healthy and the interior cell charge should be neg25…if it gets down to neg10 mv charge due to poor mitochondrial function then we are not feeling well at all and chronic disease is just around the next corner…once the polarity shifts to + territory cancer is imminent…this is bc as u say cancer is metabolic in nature, but there is also a polarity factor as the immune system relies on polarity to bind to and rid itself of trouble- and if u have the same polarity then it cant bind to the bad guys, this is why proteins are causing trouble bc as dr gonzalez would tell u his pancreatic enzymes for cancer work via eating the protein coating around the cancerous cell membrane that has changed the polarity of the cell- then ur immune system kicks in and does its job- polarity factor…but anyway, Fats in the presence of oxygen will charge up that adp atp mito machine bigtime, while fats without the oxygen present will charge it little time…ketogenic= raw materials for charging while oxygen= trucks to transport the ketogenic electron goods to their location…but i cant help but wonder if nitric oxide would really help that oxygen get there- i think so…take care…great job

  8. One statement….most medical doctors "are NOT qualified to give "medical advice either" Dr Mercola,…Dr. D'Agostino…as you "clearly recognize" as indisputable, non-controversial as well.  I have no fear of ostracizing most physicians, cause' they can't hurt me financially or in my work….I did do nursing for years…and learned that they knew much less than me in functional nutrition.  Their' collective fears are "pissing off large Pharma" and being ostracized for not touting"newer drugs, and drug therapies that make others rich in money, but poor in the "Hippocratic Oath."

    Obviously,….Dr. D'Agostino's knowledge of chemical pathways and chemistry at the Ph.D level is "heads and shoulders" above any MD practicing…."but he isn't qualified – legally " to give advice….because he doesn't have an MD. 

    That's like saying "Santa Claus is NOT qualified to work with his elves!"  LOL.

  9. Dr. Mercola….."strikes again"….excellent level of human physiology review at the graduate levels and beyond.  Dr. D'Agostino is now on anyone's radar for learning beyond the "enthusiasts level."  He probably has a Ph.D in food chemistry/nutrition.

    I wonder if anyone suggests "tuning up the liver's ability to produce" bile for this diet,..and possibly a "cleaning" out of the gall bladder?  Seems like a logical first step to take, given the high amounts of fats to be broken down…

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