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34 Replies to “KETO: Things you need to know, so you can start the ketogenic diet”

  1. Thank you so much for the information. I am trying to get on this lifestyle and wanted to know more on the percentages. Still not sure if I'm spot on, but allowing myself some time to get adjusted.

  2. Animal flesh, blood and whatever is BAD for you spiritually!! They lower your spiritual vibration. If you don't care… good for you and have fun trying to succeed within… which when all said and done is THE most important!!

  3. not sure you will ever see this…….. I just found you 🙂 ive done Adkins and low carb before and been pretty successful, however I have been stalled in my weight loss for about 6 months. I have about 20 pounds left to go and need this. do you have a meal plan video ? thanks

  4. Hi. Thanks foor the video. I have been doing this for about a month. I am in ketosis per the sticks But, I havent lost a pound. But I do feel better. any ideas on why this is?

  5. I have been eating 100% whole foods which started with a whole 30 about 6 months ago. I am going to give keto a shot in the next couple of weeks. I don't eat any refined sugar though I do eat a little fruit in the form of berries and grapefruits. The only grain I eat is oats. Do you think I am likely to suffer from much keto flu? I only ask because I may stall starting until I have some time off of work.

  6. Just getting started on Keto. Super excited and nervous. I'm also insulin resistant so I'm ready for a life style change. My son was diagnosed a year ago with cancer and have let myself go and I'm ready to take care of me bc if I'm not good it effects my entire family. God bless!

  7. Good stuff! I have another lady that I love love….and the two of you help me so much! It's not about weight loss. It's so much more than that! Keep the vidoes coming!

  8. I have attempted to do the low carb diet many times but always end up craving so many carbs and give in , I have gained 10 pounds since December and I feel horrible ! What should I do when I'm craving the carbs ? This was really motivating !

  9. how much of each? if you are to eat what you say you need some meal plans. there is so much talk and not enough "how/what to eat". meal plans. very confusing.. need more ideas on what to eat daily.

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