I take you through another full day of eating low carb/ketogenic style. I’m ending week 5 of my fat adaptation and am well into ketosis. This marks the end of week 1 of Keto Vs Carbs so I’ll weigh in and share my progress.


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  1. Somebody please help. Me and my bf are going on our second week low carb high fat. I'm content with my meals but this bottomless pit won't stop eating! I might as well live in the kitchen. Im exhausted.

  2. Otherwise good video..what some people forget to understand that it's difficult when you have a family and try to implement a new diet. Because not everyone is going to eat the same way. But keep up the good work!

  3. Idk. I don't understand the need to eat at a fast food place when you're following the keto diet. Nothing wrong with skipping a meal.

    I fast 20 hours a day (Warrior Diet + Keto). I certainly don't expect everyone to intermittent fast to the extreme, but skipping one meal is not even hard to do. It just takes a tad bit of willpower.

  4. being on keto is a struggle when traveling a lot. technically every fast food joint has a "keto" option, but don't expect it to be quality fat. best way to go is definitely chipotle, any wings joint, or breakfast diners like ihop. also get used to drinking water as it will save you a lot of money plus it is simply the BEST thing you can drink on a diet. after about a week into keto, water gains a pleasant sweetness to it.

  5. Too much protein in ur die! Your body is converting proteins into glucose through gluconeogenesis in the liver which is actually very harmful to the body in the long run. In other words, you are still running on carbs.

  6. Wow, you eat like shit. This isn't keto; low car yes but not keto. There is no way you are eating like this and in ketosis at the same time. There is no thought given to your mineral/electrolyte content or healthy fats. Kids, don't try this at home.

  7. ur lil cutie in the backseat reminds me of the cute lil bumble bee girl from the blind melon album years ago…must be the hat.  This vid is so good, sometimes my hub and I travel for work and fun and it's nothing but grabbing food here and there and ya have to know how to keep keets!! Thanks for making the vid.

  8. This is not Ketogenic diet… its a low carb diet. In order to be Ketogenic diet you have to intake less than 50 grams of net carbs… that taco salad has hella carbs in the meat fillers, avocado, nacho cheese. Just more miss information being spread out about ketogenic diets

  9. First video to pop in on, so assuming you don't eat this way everyday. I think it seems like a lot cause it a lot of fast food in one day. Do you find the diet soda causes any sugar cravings? I am almost three weeks in and still haven't eaten any fast food, its hard to imagine drinking a soda now. I know I will have to eat fast food at some point, but drink wise if eating out, it's just water or unsweet tea I have been sticking to.

  10. @fatadaptedathlete , I can really appreciate your attempt to show ppl that we can still make keto friendly choices at fast food resturants lol it amazes me the level of criticism ppl have instead of not watching the videos lol

  11. This is a very poor example of keto. Just the seasoning in the taco bell beef alone was more carbs than should be consumed. You have to think of EVERY thing, not just obvious ones, like bread/rice/grains. Carbs are carbs when it comes to staying in ketosis, which is the entire point of ketogenic eating.

  12. I tried Keto for four months. It was OK foodwise EXCEPT I just felt so weak and dizzy the whole time. I think it's because I eat fish but no meat. Wish I could keep meat down as I would try again. Makes sense to me.

  13. I would be worried about that Nacho Cheese in the Taco Salad containing Carbs. For some reason it tastes kinda sweet. I guess its time to go check it on myfitnesspal. We have such awesome technology at our fingertips now days. Sure makes things a lot easier than when I started experimenting with diets lol.

  14. the meat at taco bell is not even 30% meat … the rest are fillers which actually have a ton of carbs… so in theory the taco bell meal would be keto friendly, but in actuality it is not…

  15. At least when you're plant-based, it's possible to eat fairly healthy on the go. In the very least, you can pick up a baked potato from Wendy's, or something from chipotle. Look at all the garbage you're eating here — total crap "meat" from Taco Bell and KFC, processed cheese — so many toxic chemicals!

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