How are you digesting your fats on keto!


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  1. Hi Stephy I'm so obsessed with your videos. I have pcos 37 infertility problems and estrogen dominance due to no ovulation and insulin R resistance. I've been on keto diet for month and a half but in plateau for two weeks. Really careful about bpa organic food and drinking bone broth. I'm a little frustrated because I have more than 100 pounds to loose. I'm producing ketones since the first week of the diet but not absorbing them. Help!!!

  2. Great video, thanks for the info. These past couple of days I was just wondering if keto could be possible if someone was missing their gallbladder.
    For those having issues with high amounts of fat, your body will adjust just hang in there, at least it did for me. Now as long as I stay under 140 to 150 grams of fat per meal I won't have any issues.

  3. The doctors who are removing people's gallbladder's are not following the books taught in med school! Modern medicine in collusion with the media, is worsening the lives of many people. So many lies. "Grains are great for you're heart!" Haha. Its insane. But the official med school books explain how the gallbladder breaks down fats etc, so why are the doctors practicing nonsense as a norm?

  4. Personal experience:
    Eat as much salad as possible with your fats and meats. You will be fine. Add sauerkraut and pickles. Drink kefir and bone broth. You will feel like you're in heaven. The point of eating more salad is more potassium. More potassium = better liver. Better liver will produce higher quality bile salts for gallbladder. Stay away from nuts. And sleep until you cannot sleep no more. Then wake up, drink broth, and go back to sleep :)

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