How to do the ketogenic diet on fast food.


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  1. Just getting back into fitness after several years off and I gotta say the fitness community has changed so much on youtube for guys I used to watch back then. Too many egos, too much bullshit.

    But my friend your videos are refreshing to come back too. Like the vlog style and editing, good info, keep doing what you do

  2. OMG! So long since I have had picadillo. Dad used to make it when I was a kid, of course we ate it with tortillas which is a big nono now. Mmmm, nothing like a fresh batch of warm tortillas from the H.E.B. bakery. I did make some cauliflower tortillas the other day and had chorizo and eggs, waspretty good. Not sure how they would taste with picadillo. I like the Great Value unrefined virgin coconut oil at walmart. It still has more of the coconut flavor than the more refined ones so a spoonful is pretty easy to get down when when I am low on the fats. Great videos and your from Texas, so win/win!

  3. So why is consuming fat the remedy for going over your daily protein intake? Does the fat help stop the left over protein from getting converted into sugar?

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