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A common mistake made by beginners is to fall into frustration and over analysis during the first stages of trying to put on quality lean muscle. It takes time, patience, and dedication to put on muscle – don’t get stuck in a mental rut…focus on your true progress, try to remain objective and keep your training and diet on point. Don’t focus too far down the road, don’t worry about other people’s physiques or accomplishments – focus on YOUR next step and moving forward with what you’ve got! Building muscle takes time, and is completely possible in the context of a ketogenic diet given that your macros, training, and consistency are dialed in. I’ve seen countless clients put on quality muscle WHILE losing bodyfat in the context of a ketogenic diet – it’s possible, and many are doing it.


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  1. Really enjoy your down to earth videos. I have lost 24 lbs in 7 weeks with only walking for exercise on a Keto diet. Over the last 2 weeks i have started training with Dumbells and introduced intermittent fasting, no doubt about it i am loosing more Fat and feel stronger. I can't wait to see where i'm at in a couple of months.

  2. Ive been bodybuilding naturally for 7 years and I am just beginning to achieve the physique I always wanted. And also everything really didn't start to fall in place until year 6 or so. It was really over the last year that the quality of everything fell into place. So don't get discouraged you might train for 5 years and be like eh but then the next couple years things change and u say dang ok I'm getting there. Don't underestimate the power of one extra year. Sure you will make progress every year but the body we all want that aesthetic physique. Thats about a 6 to 10 year journey so hang in there and keep going.

  3. I would guess that the majority of men are hard- to average gainers. There are very few guys who train regularly are have a perfect physique. Genetics play a huge roll in determining your physique.
     For some guys training 3 times a week might even be too much.
    I consider myself a hardgainer. I'm 48 years old and now only weight train hard once a week and that's no more than 45 min. Twenty five years ago I used to follow those insane high-set workouts that were recommended in the bodybuilding rags. It was only when I learned to cut down on my workout frequency did I start to see results. Now I get in the gym and get out as quickly as I can. The growth occurs at home, not at the gym. I eat good quality meat, plenty of eggs, the whole thing, not just the whites, raw milk, fresh vegetables, some fruit,,and off of all sugar and grains. I'm in better shape now than I was twenty years ago.

  4. The ketogenic diet may not be the idea method in the long run to build muscle given the levels of insulin are lower. Insulin is not only the hormone for glucose to enter cells but also for amino acids which are the building boxes for muscle protein synthesis to enter muscle cells. In addition glycogen levels are suppressed. Given resistance training is primary an anaerobic activity. An adequate level of glycogen will ensure there is a sufficient supply of ATP necessary to anaerobically energize the muscular contraction activity , the cross bridge cycle.
    I'm on a ketogenic diet not for enhancing muscle growth, but to maintain as much muscle mass as I attempt to lower my body fat. When I look at the physiology of ketosis, it appears to be utilized by the body more for a survivor mode to minimize the catabolism of muscle tissue for a source of energy and supplies ketones for a substitute for low levels of glucose.

  5. Keto isn't a tool to build muscle fast. It is used to improve overall health and performance mentally and physically. It's all about longevity. When you couple Keto with intermittent fasting, you can see great results. You can burn fat and build muscle. Eat enough calories, exercise with intensity and give your body the proper time to recover. Keto adaptation is key to getting and feeling the full benefits. Tristan is the man

  6. Have you ever made a video explaining how muscles grow without carbs? there's tons of info and people explaining why you can't, but I can barely find a thing or many examples of the other side of the argument. lack of energy is always a big thing for me too.

    Sorry if you get this question over and over, just seems like keto is such a minority and lacking in examples etc whenever I try looking things up.

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