How the thyroid gland can make you gain weight while trying keto.



22 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: More thyroid information regarding keto adapting”

  1. I'm really scared.  I think I might have thyroid problems, but my t4 levels don't show it.  I have hair loss, weight gain, muscle fatigue, lack of stamina and sweating problems.  This has been like this my whole life minus the  hair loss and weight gain.   So…….if I wanted to stay on this diet and have these problems, I need to get off it? Otherwise I'd be insanely fat? lol if true that sucks…

  2. black people have lower body fat generally. i wonder if they are better suited to keto also? . i couldnt adapt to it.. but give me an apple when im fasted and i could destroy a small team of assassins 

  3. I am 51 (5'5" )the end of this month and use to weigh 200 pounds but now weight upper 120's…I had to eliminate dairy unfortunately 🙁  But I feel better than ever!!!  Thanks Stephanie for the wealth of information you provide us (FREE).  YES DO THIS NOT FOR WEGHT BUT HEALTH  :)

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