Here is the ketogenic diet explained. Its a simple meal plan with endless recipes that provide great before and after results. Its useful for bodybuilding, burning fat, and even fighting cancer!

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Why you should do a ketogenic diet to lose fat!! It’s a high protein, low carb diet with endless benefits and effects to your nutrition, metabolism, and overall health.

#6 – A ketogenic diet is actually good for your health!!
Studies have shown that ketogenic diets have a lot of favorable effects on your body, such as less oxidative stress, reduced inflammation, an improved body composition (meaning, more muscle, less fat) and increased insulin sensitivity!! Wow, sign me up if it means I’m gonna age less, have less fat, be able to use carbs more efficiently, and feel amazing!!
#5 – You gain focus and protect your brain from neuronal stress!!
Research has found that ketones increases focus. Here’s a little background; ketones are produced when there isn’t glucose around for your liver to break down for energy, so your liver breaks down fatty acids instead, hence, Ketones. Now, Ketones inhibit the production of antioxidants, which basically beat up on protein and membrane structures in our brain!! Antioxidants are hallmarks for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Not only do ketones inhibit the production of antioxidants, they also break down these little bastards!!
#4 – A ketogenic diet has been linked to better blood profile and cholesterol panels!
Research has shown adaptation to a ketogenic diet is associated with decreases in resting blood glucose, lower triglycerides, and increased HDL levels—all of which means improved heart health AND help for folks out there with diabetes. If you got any of these issues, definitely go keto for a few weeks to see how your body responds!!
#3 – Metabolic effects when you go keto!
Research studies have been done on Ketogenic diets compared to a traditional diet with moderate to high carbs and low fat. The people on the ketogenic diet were on a 1800 calorie diet, while the people on a traditional low fat and moderate-high carb diet were on a 1500 calorie diet. Guess who lost more fat? The people on the ketogenic diet!
#2 – You spare lean body tissue!!
Very low levels of carbohydrates are essential for full keto-adaptation to take place. This is important because ketones have been shown to prevent amino acids from being broken down, and of course this means your muscles are spared. In short, Ketones spare mass. Sign me up for anything that spares me muscle tissue and cuts down my bodyfat!!
#1 – It’s the most efficient way to lose fat!!
A landmark study and gave them all the same amount of protein and calories, and put them in a calorie deficit. The three groups either ate 104, 60, and 30 grams of carbohydrates per day, while consuming the same amount of overall calories.

What happened?? . In the 104-gram carb group, 25 percent of the weight lost was in the form of muscle, while the 30-gram group lost virtually no muscle. What!! Keto-adaptation is where your body shifts its primary fuel source from carbs to fat and ketones. Research has shown the average amount of fat individuals use during exercise is about 30 grams an hour. However when someone is adapted to ketosis, they used on average 90 grams of fat per hour during exercise!!!! A Ketogenic diet has been found to be the most efficient way to lose bodyfat.
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27 Replies to “Ketogenic Dieting for Max Fat Loss!”

  1. Having watched this video, I really want to share because I spent several years going from diet to diet without achieving any real results until I saw Dianas magic plan ( google it ). Without doubt the best results I have ever achieved and I have kept it off to this day.

  2. I thought antioxidants were required to counter oxidisation and therefore, harmful free radicals within the body, which, I had read, were the cause of many neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease?? So if you are saying "Antioxidants are hallmarks for many neurodegenerative diseases", then this doesn't make sense, unless I'm wrong??

  3. on the study of the 3 groups with the decreasing amount of carbs, they had the same calories, but what were the remain fat and protein ratios? yes, you probably burn more fat on a keto diet, but you're also acumulating more fat by eating the fat so what's the point?

  4. I see really healthy women for video profile, then get blasted with close up shots of eggs n bacon . didn;t mr atkins slip over and die while walking ? just eating meat might be great for sales , I say listen to your body and trial out what feels like it might make sense . for me breakfast makes me feel worse

  5. I lost weight by avoiding fat and sugars, but most of all fat. My carbs sources are brown rice, veggies, rye bred, oatmeal and some not too sweet fruits. My protein is mainly lean beef, chicken, beans, eggs, and many types of fish. I watch my calorie intake, work out and avoided as much fat as humanly possible. Voila! It's as easy as that. No need to stuff your system full of fat that challenges your arteries. Stay healthy, eat from all food sources and make it your lifestyle. Take care.

  6. Reason number 3 makes no sense. Antioxidants protect cells from damage by destroying free radicals that circulate in our system. This helps protect against cancers and other diseases and slows down aging.

  7. Excellent video! We are looking for low carb enthusiasts who genuinely appreciate the heath benefits of living a low carb lifestyle. We also have available a free cash rewards endorsement program if that is of interest to you. Here is a very short video for you to watch if you are interested in what we have available. Thanks!


  8. Low carb diets are the most disease promoting diets in existence. Just jump onto to look at a few of the reasons you should steer clear of this deadly fad diet. If you want an insight into the deceptive nature of the low carb cult you might also want to look at what a channel called Plant Positive has to say in his breakdown of the low carb dogma floating around. Jump out of fairy pixel land for a moment and come back to reality. Low carb diets kill people. You owe it to yourself to understand the damage they cause. Do the research. Look at the video on youtube called 'Low carb diets and coronary blood flow' You wont want to touch this horrific diet once you understand what the effect of this diet is.

  9. I do appreciate the free info however now the majority of people listen using earphones. If you keep screaming intermittently you're going to destroy my ear drums. I tried to listen to two videos. I couldn't finish the second one. Please do intermittent fasting not screaming.. Thank you again.

  10. First the hype was low fat diets then we finally understood we were eating too many carbs and not enough fat, while fat has a lot of health benefits, and now people think it's a good idea to eat almost no carbs at all. To use a high-fat, adequate-protein, low carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children which isn't even recommended for adults with epilepsy.

    I'm not surprised a diet has good results on your health when we have been eating exactly the opposite for generations and fucked ourselves up by avoiding fat (and also eating ourselves to death and have a sedentary lifestyle) because all the diet "experts" (that was sarcasm) said so just like they are now all screaming you should use a ketogenic diet because it worked on a few people (just like low fat diets work and Atkins works and Zone works or any other diet you can come up with).

    If your only goal is to lose weight then you can do that on a normal diet. Just eat healthy food (no processed foods or excessive amounts of soda/juice) and have a more active lifestyle and you will be just fine. Play around with micronutrients and different kinds of food to see what works for you, there is really no need for extreme diets like these.

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