Dr. Daniel Kantor talks with Dr. Marcus Bahra from Charite Medical University, Berlin about the Ketogenic Diet and the impact it has on Multiple Sclerosis and Quality of Life.


2 Replies to “The Ketogenic Diet, Multiple Sclerosis and Quality of Life”

  1. I've got m.s and its improved in all aspects.. ive only been on "Keto"_a short while and I couldn't get up at all without agonising pain…I'd have serious bad days when I'd be confined to my bed , or be shifted around in a wheelchair .after a week? I have actually gone for short walks even energy which was little be known to me! ..I can bend over more and I can also feel my legs..
    the improvement is vast..early days but I'm not starving myself , no one does..
    we eat till we are full on good nourishing tasty food including vegetables not everything has to be fat fat and more fat ..but keeping all the fat intake is actually an appetite suppressant ..we don't have to fast, we just do! because we aren't hungry for ages! …
    evidently this causes weight to fall off ..as the gaps are far greater between meals.
    I last ate thirty odd hours ago..I'm still not hungry .. I just don't need to eat more than my body needs ..;-)

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