– John discusses the Ketogenic Diet, also known as Ketosis. What it is. How it works. Why you should or shouldn’t try it to lose weight.

Macronutrient levels discussed in the vid:

Protein – For most ~1g per lb of goal bodyweight per day (2.2g per kg bw) giver or take a bit in either direction.

Fat – Levels should not dip below 0.3g per lb of goal bodyweight per day (0.66g per kg bw) and should not exceed 0.5g per lb of goal bodyweight per day (1.1g per kg bw) at the expense of carbohydrates. In other words if one exceeds this level in an attempt to avoid carbs, one would be better off scaling back fat intake at or below this level and adding some carbs (for most).

Carbs – being the most dispensable macro should fill in any left over calories when looking to achieve a deficit once fat and carb minimum levels are met.


31 Replies to “What is the Ketosis / Ketogenic Diet?”

  1. Okay video but needs more details. Ketosis has been around forever but is not for everyone. Your body can live without sugar and carbs but not without fat.I am carb sensitive. My body just will not digest them. Effectively fat fights fat just I don't mix it with carbs. In keto Your body is not using insulin to digest.I cut down to less than 30g of carbs per day on this and then draw some in at a later stage. It is a question of knowing your limits and also a question of balance.
    Everyone is different.I take a good daily vitamin and magnesium daily. Been eating like this for 40 years and stay very energetic and slim and i never get sick.A lot of my friends have come off statins, which enable you to eat fat and then they eat what they like but they are still overweight.Now they are off statins and into keto and their cholesterol and other blood levels have normalised and they are a lot healthier.People are not well informed on what keto is or how it works they just associate the word "fat" with being fat. This is totally wrong they need to do their homework before they judge it. Also there are different types of fat.some are good and some are not.
    Personally; I support the saying "Carbs kill" Cancer feeds on sugar an infection feeds on carbs.

  2. Every cell can use ketones for energy. It is a part of every human cell. I am on around 15G protein and 5g of carbs a day. The amount of sugar in my blood is absurdly low and I feel absolutely great.

  3. That is based on the simplistic carbs > insulin > makes you fat and bad theory and dismisses the fact that things like whey protein are insulinogenic. This also plays into the myth that Low Carb Diet > Low Insulin Levels > Decreased Lipogenesis/Increased Lipolysis = Decreased Body Fat However this is simply not true if the aforementioned diet leads to a caloric surplus. Hope this helps. 

  4. all other factors being equal, if i replace fat with carbs, wont that result in a different hormone balance in my system, say a shift from glucagon to insulin. Will that affect my weight loss?

  5. How do you know you have insulin resistance? Stubborn bodyfat is usually in common places such as the lower belly b/c the adernergic receptor ratio are such that there are more that resist fat burning. In such a case cyclical dieting is best to maintain muscle and burn fat. Send us a message to our inbox w/ your stats if you need some guidance. Hope this helps. 

  6. @scrm1 (cont'd) That being said you are building a strawman by stating you were eating too many carbs, if you eat too much fat you would be in the same place, the common theme is eating too much. You have lost weight for one simple reason calories in < calories out. There is plenty of research where individuals have been put on isocaloric diets where protein intake was matched and one group took in more carbs and less fat and vice versa and the result were the same. 

  7. As stated in the vid some people respond well to VLCD however that does not mean carbs are evil. I made it very clear in the vid that carbs are the most dispensable macronutrient when calories are cut as there is no such thing as an essential carb. However overeating protein and fat to avoid carbs b/c the thought is you will burn more fat is wrong and unnecessary for most people once the minimum requirements for protein and fat are met if calories are left over in ones diet. 

  8. Depends on your goals and sport etc… I could give a broad range but again it depends on how one performs at a given %, goals, gender, etc… First off one must consider the method used for determining bodyfat. A DEXA scan is going to be the most accurate. This is not to say methods such calipers do not have value as they do assuming one is tracking change over time and the person measuring is consistent. Hope this helps. 

  9. If you are taking in enough calories and training hard you can build muscle, but why avoid carbs if that is the goal? Also I have found many perform better when they add carbs back into their diet, at a minimum on refeed days. Hope this helps. 

  10. It seems to be beneficial for those w/ an imbalance (DIM) however I'm skeptical if the same benefits are there to be had for otherwise healthy athletes. Lowering estrogen should actually elevate testosterone. Estrogen levels serve as part of the negative feedback loop in males as testosterone is a source of estrogen and if estrogen is low it signals for increased testosterone production. Hope this helps. 

  11. Sorry this is not true and I have read and am quite aware of the Gary Taubes of the world (who has done great work on the sodium and saturated fat myths) pushing the notion that thermodynamics does not apply to humans. The problem is the abundance of evidence to the contrary. Also the carbs=insulin = fat is just another oversimplified myth and completely ignores that protein can be quite insulinogenic. Demonizing one macronutrient is nothing new and its still incorrect. 

  12. Calories in vs calories out is not a myth lol. The stupid bro science bullshit about carbs/insulin making people fat IS a myth. Caloric surplus = gain weight. Caloric deficit = weight loss. 

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