I barely even broached the surface of those who can benefit most from a ketogenic diet but here is a quick overview of some groups of people who may enjoy and benefit from a high-fat low-carb keto diet including those looking for significant weight loss, insulin resistant individuals, those seeking the cognitive and emotional improvements that accompany stable blood sugar, people who enjoy intermittent fasting, and more. Comment below on those I didn’t get to touch on yet, I barely mentioned the powerful neuroprotective effects and benefits for those with neurodegenerative diseases! Pt 2 will further explore this exciting topic.


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  1. Stumbled across your videos and am loving them. So informative and way better a pill to swallow then raw vegan. I am struggling with digestion and am trying to find what works best with me. Maybe keto is the way!

  2. One of the BEST solo videos I've seen you do Tristan. No BS, no strict and absolute rules with "no-no's," etc. Just plain, simple truths about keto. Glad to see that you are feeling and doing better. Really enjoyed Jack Kruse and more of the science behind DHA and Light. Thanks for all you do man!

  3. I love your attitude and how nice you are! You do an awesome job at describing the ketogenic diet. Thank you so much! I have tried ketogenic before, but I eventually started to feel lethargic. I ate a butt ton of fat, but maybe I still wasn't even eating enough. I have been eating a 'paleo' diet for a long time now, and I keep on slowly gaining fat. I plan on getting my hormones tested, because I know I have some problems in that area. Do you think the ketogenic diet would be a good thing to try again?

  4. Intermittent fasting is great. It feels so natural to me, and it's simple to not have to think about food at all until it's dark outside. The body knows what to do and adjusts. I went on a ketogenic diet for a month or so but found it difficult for my current situation. I would like to experiment with it again because I did notice benefits. I always appreciate your content, thanks for sharing!

  5. Great video!! Seriously so much information in one video. I am enjoying going through your videos while I double task. The time flies and I learn things at the same time. Thanks so much.

  6. This diet has definitely helped me greatly. I have severe intolerances to most carbs – gluten, teft, potato, corn, etc. I also have a gallbladder working at 20%. In total ive dropped from over 250 to 165. The second half of that was on keto, and effortless. It gave me back the clarity and energy I couldnt get any other way. Lately I seemed to drop out of ketosis and jumped back up about 20lbs. Not sure what to attribute this to so I started tracking everything again. hopefully that helps. thanks a ton for your videos!

  7. I have been in Ketosis for 2 years and have lost 50lbs. I have suffered from low back pain (L-4, L-5) on and off for the last 40 years and the pain started to increase even more after I lowered my fruit intake (with vitamin C levels) on a Ketogenic diet. I discovered that high dose vitamin C, L-Lysine and L-Proline are all Collegen builders and help to rebuild tissue in between discs etc. My back pain is now completely gone the last 3 months but the daily high dose of Vitamin C (molecular structure similar to glucose) has somewhat kicked me out of Ketosis whereby I have put on about 7-10 additional pounds. In addition to the low back pain/ low vitamin C deficiency connection…….I totally by accident discovered this recent scientific break through study of Low Vitamin C (aka Chronic Scurvy) and Cardiovascular disease.

    In April 2015, scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Building on a discovery made by Dr. Rath in the early 1990s, this publication deals a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s associated $30 billion annual sales in patented cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

    In the video below, recorded on 23 April 2015, John Cha, project leader for the study, discusses the research with Paul Anthony Taylor, Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

    Copies of the study can be downloaded for free from the website of the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease:

    For further information, please see the press release on the website of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation:


  8. What do you think of the new US dietary guidelines released by the Obama admin? Still not where it needs to be but I'm not sure they'll ever fully admit just how wrong they've been for over 60 years on their fat vs sugar macro guidelines.

  9. hey buddy, i'm on keto since 1 nov, my weight was 88 Kg, Now I'm 78, But i Still Have To loose More, I barely see the 2 upper abs, barrely haha, i need to see them! you know here in tunisia, we don't have mct oil :/ so i do coco nut oil mixed with cofee in the morning, but we have very organic and healthy vegetables bro, we have sunflower seeds too, do you know it? it's really yumi :D

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