For 3 years, I would get chronic headaches and feel cloudy, and not function if hungry. I looked healthy on the outside but felt like melted goo on the inside. I self diagnosed myself as reactive hypoglycemic and finally had it verified by the doctor. I now feel amazing 24-7 and have even lost 10 pounds in two months. I think all people should do keto because this diet results in mostly all natural paleo based foods, good for our brain and digestive tract. Our bodies are adapted to eat meat, plants, and fats, not sugar and carbs. Try out this diet and I promise you you’ll feel better and lose weight.

To start clear out your cabinet and fridge that has anything more than 10g of carbs per serving. Find out your diet goals here

Then go shopping with this food pyramid in mind:

Then exercise at least 2 times per week, and buy a scale.

Next be careful eating out, hidden carbs are in lots of foods.

Good luck and keep it keto!


5 Replies to “Why I started Ketogenic Diet – Reactive Hypoglycemia”

  1. Thanks for this video! I think this is my problem. I've had extreme fatigue forever & dizziness, etc. I did KETO for 3 months & it was great. Im travelling now so my diet has become very carb based & symptoms have gotten very bad, I gotta get back into keto now!!!!!!

  2. I'm on a very low carb ketogenic diet and it has done wonders for my RH.Food is an enemy of mine because I love eating, but if I didn't eat low carb natural foods, I would be in what I've termed my ' hypo hell'.

  3. I was diagnosed with RH last year. I've done the high protein, low carb, no sugar bs. not really helping. I'm now thinking of going keto. Low GI does help.. but not enough!

  4. bro I have suffered from horrible hypoglycemia for 28 years. I am 3 weeks into being into ketosis and I'm already noticing amazing improvements in my overall health… I started body building also… I have so much energy for the first time in my life!

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