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Matt Dominance is your fitness and nutrition trainer and in this video I am going to show you ketogenic diet – best diet for weight loss and mistakes people make! Don´t forget to read my ketogenic food list in the description!

Low carb high fat ketogenic diet is going really popular these days and that´s why I decided to make a full day of eating keto video
with precise low carb meal plan structure.
Avoid ketogenic diet mistakes before you do more harm to your body than you could
ever imagine.


➢➢➢ MEAL 1

➢ 250g grass-fed red meat
➢ 1 whole egg
➢ 20g of grass fed butter
➢ 20g of native coconut oil
➢ veggies (zuccini,red/yellow peppers)
➢ red onion

➢➢➢ MEAL 2

➢ 200g of frozen salmon
➢ 3 whole eggs
➢ 20g of grass fed butter
➢ 20g of native coconut oil
➢ veggies (green pepper and zuccini)
➢ red onion
➢ garlic (2 cloves)

➢➢➢ MEAL 3

➢ 100-150g Frozen Berries (blueberries, raspberries, black currants, blackberies, red currants)
➢ 15g of sunflower seeds
➢ 15g of flax seeds
➢ 10g of pumpkin seeds
➢ 20g of goji berries


21 Replies to “Full day of eating keto – Low carb ketogenic diet DANGEROUS MISTAKES!”

  1. Hey Matt!
    Would you say "paleo" diet is a sort of ketogenic diet? Looks kind of like it.

    I found out heavily plant based diet works well for me. Since I started eating more fresh fruits and veggies, I get much better recovery and even works great during physical activities.
    BUT I mostly do endurance sports (running, cycling, hiking), not much of bodybuilding. Would you recommend keto for endurance activities? It does seem as it may work well, since you load on more calories with fats, than carbs. And you need calories when you run 20km or more!:)
    I just don't know how this works when your VO2max is very. Doesn't your body need glucose to run in that case, or can it just switch to ketones?

    Dude, sorry for the long comment. This keto thing is new to me. Very interesting indeed.
    Also, the tonic tip is gold!

  2. Hey buddy! Glad I came across your videos! Based on protein should it be kept at 1grm per lb or .8grams if goal is to lose fat and maintain muscle mass? And how should fat be equated? Should it be on a 60% based or 70% or 80%! I workout full body workouts every other day! Been training for 6 years I'm 23 and 5'8! Currently weigh 170 want to drop down to about 155 just have my love handles to lose how should I go about it?

  3. I really loved this video Matt! I really enjoy your food videos too! How long are you going to be on this Keto diet? Also, maybe do a video on how to transition from a flexible dieting/iifym diet to possibly a keto diet!

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