Check out my before keto and after the ketogenic diet photos!



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  1. I love the information you give- the only thing that kinda concerns me is that one of my biggest objectives in doing a low carb keto diet is the mental focus and organization. I reallly realllly love you Stephanie and what I wonder is the brain scatter and disorganization of the videos- I want energy- however the super hyped all over the place in the videos makes me wonder if it really helps with being grounded and full of sustained energy. I understand we all have different personalities…and I mean no harm- just very curious and having that energy does not appeal to me personally-

  2. I'm about 60 pounds over weight and recently went in for a colonoscopy and the doctor commented after… that my colon was one of the cleanest he had seen in a long time. So what is the deal with me?? I have been vegan for several years and just started adding bacon and eggs to my diet a month ago. WHY am I over-weight>???

  3. interesting that it takes us to get injured, or loved one to become terminally ill,
    before we do the deep research, realize everything we've been taught about diet is wrong, and get into real shape
    everyone who hasnt had one of the two, injury or sickness, happen yet, are still in denial and fight the facts.

  4. I think the takeaway is that if you told everyone that you took that picture last week no one would be the wiser.  Even if the before and after is not a dramatic weight loss story, it certainly is a testament to how your lifestyle has enabled you to maintain and improve upon a high degree health and fitness during a time of life when so many others are declining.  That is super important in its own right.  

  5. Your great with ketosis and are knowledgeable , but you look just as healthy before you even got in to keto. One could argu that you have just trained and eaten adequate protein to build muscle I mean 13 years is long enough to build the mass you have build in this duration without any serious dedication even easier with your personality/dedication. I highly doubt on a normal clean balanced nutritional diet without being in keto you wouldnt look much different. Most of us look up keto to shred fat (like me as i use it to lean down to low body fat percentages) and although your lean you are not really low in body fat obviously because your not always in a calorie deficit, not competing for anything and your happy at your weight which by the way is still impressive especially at your age so im not hating on that but my point here is that you talk about  ketosis, promoting it as the only way of life. Yes precessed carbs have many many bad side effects in health no doubt with that being said one doesnt have to be in ketotis to be a healthy individual inside and out. We are infact not designed to be in such a way to be in a state of ketotis for 5 years never mind a life time. Clean carbs we are ment to eat without explaining the biology behid this look at vegetarians. Great quality of life, no inflammation and they eat alot of fruit and vegs and get quite a high amount of carbs daily. I think the word DIET should be utilized in the sence as thats what it really is but saying that keto should not be rushed in the sence that it should take someone years to fall into this state as stated in another video i dont think is wise.   I dont think that should be condoned as a keto lifestyle is not healthier in the way your perceive it. However it is great for weight loss and healing in the sence that its a DIET so it gives individuals goals and can help them on the track to a healthy lifestyle. SO with weight loss great. but as far as health inside and out it is not the number one solution as a balanced lifestyle with carbs without pushing for that state of ketosis is just as healthy and will give the results of great health andl longevity

  6. Stephanie – I've watched a few videos. I had no idea you are in your late 40s. Keto must be amazing. I'm only 10 days into it, with a long weight loss and muscle gain program ahead of me. Seeing people like you inspires me though, so thanks. 

  7. The reflux only happened a few times at night not after meals…I do believe it takes some people a long time to heal. I went on a healing fast before starting keto so I do not believe it would take years to drop 20lbs. 

  8. I can attest to that. You've had a toned physique since your pro skater days. I found you online a few years ago and you looked a lot more muscular. Heck with the skateboarding and jumping around, now you're just a brick house.

    So many wannabe skaters (everybody is a skater now) and people actually ask you for before and after pics? Wake the hell up people, this is Stephanie Person, the first Black female Pro Skater . This women created history in the sport of skateboarding. She's a freak'n legend in the skating scene!

     XX for the knee. ;)

  9. Hey Steph!! Love watching you!! I am 45….had a miscarriage in April…immediately after I cleaned out my system and started keto in June…I am hovering between 143 and 145…scale and measurements not budging and I am walking and doing some HIIT training 3 times a week…still have bouts of reflux from time to time…very confused as to whats going on…keeping my fat high my protein moderate and staying around 20 or 30 carbs a day….no dairy, no diet sodas, no junk…I'm also doing fermented foods:( please advice?

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