Dave Palumbo explains the science behind the ketogenic diet; and dispels the pseudo-science behind the innumerable ketogenic supplements to hit the market lately. Dave explains how companies are trying to sell products that simply don’t work in this latest Rx Muscle Rant.

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37 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Supplement Scams: Palumbo Rant”

  1. Dave, I appreciate your passion on this subject. Have you researched the different products or are you lumping them all in as the same? There happens to be one that has published proof of elevated ketones IN THE BLOOD (by default the brain) I'm sure you know that the brain PREFERS ketones for energy vs. glucose and chooses over glucose….so I'm not sure your RXrant describes every product that is out there or is actually up to date with technology. Also there are millions of personal testimonies at this point that debunk the info given in this video. I'm just a random person so don't take my word for it. Go research University of South Florida where the ONLY patented exogenous ketone product in the world was developed and used by DARPA, NASA and others…

  2. When Dave does a rant like this I'd like to see him put out a challenge to ANY company that sells these products, and have them come on his show to try and defend their product. That would be entertaining!

  3. anyone who thinks you take a pill and be in total ketosis deserves to be scammed in my opinion. quest things, use common sense and do your research baised on science and evidence. cheers dave!

  4. Dave, does the 72 hours to enter ketosis still apply after a weekly cheat meal for someone who's been on the diet for over a year or even 2 years perhaps? Does the brain switch back to ketones more quickly for someone who's more "adapted"?

  5. 100% correct about keto supps…but in the next breath buy whey protein buy multi vit supps buy fiber supps!!your hilarious Dave slam one company and your pulling the same shit!!!stop putting junk and pills into your body people and you use wholefoods unless you want to look like Dave…somebody who looks like he was dipped into acid from the neck down!

  6. Once again, Dave releases a very informative video. You are spot on..and you have been for ages. I wish that there was a way that this specific video could be shown to 'regular' people who are trying to lose weight or tighten up. Most bodybuilders or hardcore gym guys 'should' know this info.. but it is the everyday lady who is trying to shape up, that is being taken advantage of by some of these dirty supplement companies. The people that are new to the gym and are trying to improve their figure or lose some weight are usually desperate. They want to see immediate results…and if they don't see them, they give up. So any cheap 'diet aide' that comes out, they are the first ones to buy them…and sadly, they don't know that they are buying garbage..or stuff that doesn't work the ways it is described to. It would be wonderful if this message could be shown to all of these chubby folks who are trying to trim and tighten up. Thanks RX Crew. Keep it up and Happy New Year!

  7. Welcome to planet of delusional charlatan lying race of this galaxy here we honor all the lies you can capitalize on on this planet you can learn the art of lies and become a great politicians or a great marketing baster or a god pimp…. your choice or you can be like Dave and speak the truth

  8. Keto diet is such bullshit. Some people like blacks produce brown fat with carbs that help burn fat. Whites are not the same as blacks. That is why Palumbo can't get Akim shredded.

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