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Joining us today is an author and the host of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, the one and only Jimmy Moore.
We all have something to learn from Jimmy Moore. Starting off at more than 400 pounds, he lost over 100 pounds with a low-fat, high carb, calorie-restricted diet. But it didn’t stick — the weight came back with shocking efficiency.
Then he went low-carb and had great success, dropping 180+ pounds with minimal effort and misery (compared to low-fat dieting, at least). Although the weight stayed off for years, the scale continued to creep up. Low-carb stopped working, and despite countless consultations with experts in diet and fitness, very few had solutions.

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21 Replies to “Jimmy Moore: Nutritional Ketosis, Trashing Your Scale, and the Dark Side of Protein”

  1. I am from Australia and yeah we have great food here. But your right we are the fattest country with a heap of American take away joints and of course our own…not blaming ya here. It is super easy to be Paleo in Australia. Btw Kangaroo is awsome. Cooked rare with a few raspberries is nice. Lovn the podcast. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Abel, Please help me I am a 55 year old lady who is post menopausal.I weigh 174 down from 190 back in June.I want to lose 40 more pounds but more than anything I want to be more healthy along with being  lean and toned.  HELP!

  3. I've started nutritional ketosis, I'm one week in, started a personal journey vlog. I've been listening to Abel's podcasts for months. Very educational, Jimmy Moore has cleared the way for anyone who's interested in losing body fat fast and finally.

  4. I have been dieting for the last 15 years of my life. I have lost 110 pounds, gained back 80 and lost 50 and I pretty much maintained the same weight for about 3 years. I was lifting heavy weights and doing intermittent fasting but I just wasn't losing. After a year of frustration and still in the mindset of I needed a lot of protein and counted calories, I managed to gain 17 lbs in a year. I decided to research a keto diet and give it a try. I have lost 24 lbs in 2 months. I can finally lose weight again. I have given up all gluten foods as well and I have never felt better. I can relate to Jimmy's struggle especially when you are doing everything "right" (counting calories and working out) and still gain weight. Now I know my body has a carb intolerance and low carb and high fat is what works for me. 

  5. I wanted to listen to this as I do the opposite style of eating which is low fat high carb (whole foods).  I skipped through to see what it was like and heard that his attempt at high carb, low fat was chocolate bars and coke? That is just a rediculous comparison.  How can you compare an avocado to a pinky bar is this guy really that stupid?  

    I was doing essentially paleo a few years ago before I knew what it was and I did lose weight and I did feel alot better but now I know how good I can feel it was pretty poor by comparison, then the weight started to creep back on.  I then removed meat from my diet as an experiment and essentially changed to a high carb, low fat diet (from whole foods only, gluten and dairy free) and I lost a bunch of weight and my energy levels went crazy I couldn't believe how much energy I had. I have now had it off for 3 years, I barely eat any fat and run 30+ miles a week.  I believe you can probably "train" your body to run off either fat or carbs.

    NZ (I am a kiwi) and Australia are the fattest in the world because they have the most access to dairy and meat.  We have the highest sheep/dairy per capita in the world as well.  We also have the highest rates of colon cancer and Osteoperosis co-incidence, nope.

  6. Vesper: Keto adopted person will have about 50% less saturated fat in the blood compared to a person on a low-fat diet despite eating 3x more saturated fat. The reason for this is the switch, your body becomes much better at burning fat, including the saturated ones. Personally I think saturated fat in general is not the villain we have been told for decades now. The public cutting down consumption of it has not had positive effects on heart health. The French for a long time have eaten more saturated fat than other European nations but yet they have been thin and with lower heart disease. 

  7. Hi, Abel. I know high glycemic carbs are bad news, but you implied that they were even more detrimental when combined with fat. Wouldn't fat reduce the glycemic load?

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