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38 Replies to “Joe Rogan On Eating Healthy”

  1. It is my first successful diet program. I only wish that I had come across this diet program a long time ago. I know I would of lost a minimum of 7 more pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan” for more information.

  2. just another wannabe nutrition expert youtube debate… This dude Bill in the comment section is right, everyone else is wrong. Sorry.
    "Eat to Live" – Joel Fuhrman, "How not to Die" – Michael Greger… check em out, before you go on antother half-ass knowledge "you need meat" rambling spree, people…

  3. Haha! I like how Joe started making a great joke with massive dollar difference between $500 and 7 million at 6:55 and then got the math wrong, realized it, and went "fuck it". He seems to usually look over to his right side when he wants some support.

  4. I cringe at how ignorant Rogan is when it comes to plant based diets, his arguments are so easily refutable. "You don't get enough protein.", this is the most common and most misinformed argument against veganism of all time. First off, protein deficiency isn't a thing, there's not even a scientific word for it so even if you get little protein in your diet you will still be healthy (obviously you will need more protein for bodybuilding, though) and second, it's very easy to get enough protein without meat, anybody who says otherwise knows nothing about nutrition.

    He also mentions how our ancestors ate meat and grew brains which may be the case, not arguing that, but what does that actually have to do with us today? That doesn't actually prove anything, it means that meat benefited us in the past, but that doesn't mean that meat isn't obsolete today which it 100% is. Most vegans don't claim that humans are herbivores, we are omnivores, but that also means that we can thrive on a plant based diet as well. A lot of meat eaters tend to criticize vegans for saying that we are herbivores, but then they claim that we NEED meat to be healthy and that's just as retarded as saying that humans can only eat plants.

    I would also like to point out that the guy was not suffering from protein deficiency, he was suffering from deficiencies in general, you're not gonna feel great eating mostly sallads, okay. Instead of looking over his vegan diet he did like most ignorant people do, he assumes it's the vegan diet that is causing the problems and not just his poor planning of his the vegan diet, this is the case for 99% of the people who claim to feel unhealthy when eating plant based.

  5. I was watching this live, these guys are so misinformed. Vegan is the way to go and it's truly wonderful IF you live in the natural habitat for humans which would be a tropical environment in my opinion because then there are delicious plant foods in abundance which makes you feel amazingly sharp and more energetic than ever

  6. I'm not going to knock this too much, it's a good idea minus the carbs thing….When did humans start agriculture? Its in our genetics to eat grains. Eat whole grains, not processed bullshit. Paleo? YOURE NOT A FUCKING CAVEMAN. If you knew anything about genetics you would know that even our life experiences and upbringing affect genetics that are passed on. It's a constantly evolving thing. so…10,000 years? that's a lot of evolving.

  7. they know nothing about veganism.
    dumb fuck Joe rogan. You can eat sugar and bread and pasta as vegan. I eat organic sugar and pasta rice.
    you don't need a lot of protein. only a third of your bodyweight. you only need a lot of protein if you are trying to get big.
    PS. Joe rogans face looks like a big tomato

  8. Rogan's pretty cool and I agree with his take on most stuff overall, entertaining dude with some good sense. But his talk about Ketosis and that "stuff" put you right back in it, I just don't agree with.

  9. I went vegetarian for 2 moths, working an outdoor summer camp for kids. I definitely noticed a drop in energy levels, especially later in the day, like 9 o'clockish I'd just be super groggy. Wasn't too terrible or anything though, but going vegan seems damn near impossible.

  10. I am not try to sound arrogant or come off the wrong way but can someone explain how he stopped eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy and he still had high cholesterol. is that even possible?

  11. OH AND THEN HE GOES INTO HIS HIGH CHOLESTEROL AND HEART DISEASE WHICH IS COMING FROM MEAT AND BY PRODUCTS….. Hes losing shit to talk about, this is getting old; Like him..

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