Ketogenic diet and the desire for flat abs!


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  1. Have a question for you. I know your not a Dr and I would not hold any info you give against you. my father was told he has stage 4 lung cancer. how would this diet help and do you think it might help since it's all about getting ride of the sugar. just wondering.

  2. You totally hit my boxes. Heavy anxiety comes on me at night when it comes time to sleep. I have a million issues. My fat cells must be very inefficient. Learning from you by watching and listening, have been following your keto protocol. I know you are not about weight loss, but I do have a substantial amount to lose and so far, no loss. Tells me something is definitely going on with me. Not checking glucose levels yet. Will get meter when I can. ✌

  3. I think it is dangerous what "the bannana girl" does, and it can lead to T2 Diabetes due to the high amount of insulin that your body has to create to deal with all that huge amount of sugar that she recommends, please correct me if I'm wrong
    Thank yo for the video!

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