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In this video I’ll explain a little bit about what the Ketogenic Diet is, how it works, and why I’ve adopted it to help me be the best version of myself possible in health, fitness training and lifestyle. I talk about my past with different diet regimens and why they didn’t work for me. I am not a doctor or an expert, but I am learning and sharing my findings with you through my vlogs!


9 Replies to “My Story. What is KETO and why am I doing it?!?!?”

  1. I see you are very ambitious.
    I like that and i'm glad you mentioned 'functional medicine' and Stephanie Keto Person, who has lots of experiences in keto.
    May I recommend something ?
    A channel with weekly podcast and as a guest in one of them Mike Mutzel a functional medicine practitioner.
    take a look

  2. The good news is: that is a fantastic low carbohydrate diet, which can pay dividends long-term for exercise performance. The bad news? The chances of you being fat-adapted in 5 weeks is pretty much zero. Too much protein…by far.

    In other words, if you want to take this seriously and give information/advice about it, use a ketone monitor. I have followed ketogenic protocols before and until I bought a glucose meter I was MASSIVELY off. Following a 50 gram carb/150 gram protein diet my average ketone levels were 0.8 mmol/L over the course of two months. If you are eating 40/120 as a female weighing probably 30-50 lbs less than me, you probably aren't doing any better.

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