There are some truth about the rumors you might have heard about low carb dieting.

It works like gangbusters to get rid of excess weight. YES it's True.

It works very fast. You'll see results in matter of few days. Yes it's True.

It also make you feel less energized. Yes it's True.

It also make you look a little aged. Scary but it's true when used low carb dieting for long term.

Well, if you are women reading this article, I bet you are little scared about last 2 parts. If all of the above is true, then why do so many people suggest using low carb diets. There is very simple answer. You'll see results fasters. That's it. That's one of the main reason why Atkins diet is so popular.

My recommendation – I recommend using low carb diets when you have some stubborn fat deposits (love handles, some on thighs). It's often far effective to target them for 3-4 weeks with a low carb diet plan and a good workout.

The basic idea why it works is – When you decrease your carbs intake, there's a decrease in your muscles and liver glycogen stores, this in turn stimulates the body to burn more fat. The headache about going low is that it starts to lower your metabolism, thus reducing the fat burning effect. To counter that, I do recommend you to add more protein and fat (good kind) in your food. I also do not recommend to spend much time in low target zone. It's unhealthy for long term. Anything over 28-30 days is unhealthy. That's why I do not recommend Atkins at all.

How to go Low carbohydrate?

Simple, Get all of your carbs from natural resources (fruits, vegs etc). Technically anything that can be either hunted (meat), grown (fruits / vegs) is often a good choice of food to eat.

Avoid packaged stuff or un-natural (colas, chips etc). It's easy when you think about it.


Source by Rana Varun Singh

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